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  1. What you want to do is use Ext.extend() to create a custom xtype for your class, then instantiate it. You should be able to find examples of how to do this, but basically you create your extension:...
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    I don't really see what you're trying to do there. Your xtype box will default to being placed in a div. If you want to give it an id, just configure it with an id. I don't think you need to use...
  3. You have a couple of options. The one that I think is easier is to just use 'children' as a complex object and assign its properties somehow or other later on. So your declaration would be like...
  4. You have two lines in a row that return true. When you hit the first one, you'll hop out of that function and you won't even get to the second one.

    Two easy solutions for ya:

    1) If sidjs...
  5. takes a fieldname as an argument. This is exactly what you want to use to find out if a field has been modified.

    If you want to check the entire column, you'll have...
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