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    I upgraded my environment to gxt 2.0.1 and I was going through some of the code that I wrote earlier last spring and realized that TreeItem is deprevated. Can anyone tell me What do I need to...
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    For some reason I can't download the zip file and extract it properly. When I try to extract it can not find anything to extract. I tried it 10 times at least.

    Is it possible to send this file to...
  3. I realized this only happens when the store update takes place because of a async call back, if I take it outside of async call back function, it updates the store correctly. I keep counters to check...
  4. I am trying to change the structure of my reordering tree based on a selection event from another table. I tried a lot of things and nothing seemed to work. My final approach is as follows: I keep a...
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    I gave up on rebinding, i thought I could iterate my model nodes one by one since it has a predefined structure, and I thought I could add treeitems on my way. Unfortunately treebinder throws another...
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    Here's the complete stack trace of the problem, when the above code is run:


    at com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.binder.TreeBinder.createAll(
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    Thanks following is the way my application is structured.

    I am using but modified it a little bit.

    package com.cmt.client.samples.examples.dnd;

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    I am using a reordering drag and drop tree. Based on a event I get data from database and want to rebind the table with a different model, if I try to use TreeBinder again, it gives me an...
  9. Hi;

    I am a starter on GXT, excuse me if what I ask is somewhat trivial.

    I have a horizontal panel. I added 2 contentpanels to that. left content panel has a contextmenutree. Right content...
  10. To insert a folder to an existing folder:

    You first need to add a child to that node. Then you need to add a child to the new child. Then you need to delete the second node, so you'll end up with...
  11. I agree,

    If the basic search defaults the forum name to the one that we're in, instead of defaulting that to the all forums, it will be much more useful, but you can always try advanced search.
  12. Hi;

    I have a context menu tree, which I am trying to simulate file system like behavior.

    The only problem is I couldn't find a way to differentiate between folders and items. I know for gxt...
  13. Hi Stephen;

    Thanks for the response, I realized I overlooked something so simple, now It works.
  14. Hi Fother;

    I tried to use your code sample for MessageBox:

    It didn't help, what can I be missing?

  15. Hi;

    I am trying to insert nodes to my tree structure with right clicks. At this point I am able to insert tree nodes with default names which is not quite useful. How can I implement windows like...
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    Ok I added Slate.theme to the module and now I am getting other errors, one of them is "unable to load module entry point class", But instead of TreeToTreeExample, if I add BasicTree to the...
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    Hi Everyone;

    I am a newbie on GXT, so excuse me if what I asked is something trivial. I've set a project up and configured eclipse and launch.config correctly. I am able to get some basic...
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