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  1. If feasible, overrides may be provided via the support portal.
  2. This forum is for Sencha Fiddle questions. You should post this question in one of the Ext JS forums. It would likely help if you translate the post to English, may get more help from people.
  3. If only there was an easy way to test this:


    For filtering in a paged dataset, it is recommended you use remote filtering as the UI this provides to the user is not right. They expect pages...
  4. The learn section is vastly out of date and shouldn't be linked to in the site header/footer.

    There is this guide:
  5. To support HTML, you should use the template column instead. There is a bug logged for the normal column to support html but the template column should support it.
  6. There is no way out of the box to do this and form.setRecord will only send a single value to the field as it is 1:1. You would have to abandon the setRecord and iterate through the data to set the...
  7. mapping needs the exact field so mediaGroups.contents is mapping to the contents array not the child url field.
  8. That being said, if the tab is opened on a page that isn't using those versions, I can see a need to handle that more elegantly. Have a login page that is non-Ext and it redirects you to the app. May...
  9. The same issue as two of your other threads, the scope when you have this.toolbar is the window object not the class instance. The browser evaluates the file as soon as it is loaded and so...
  10. When you solve your own thread, it'd be great if you could post your solution so that others that may come across this thread with the same or similar issue can see what you did to solve it.
  11. You can use on/un to add/remove listeners:

    var comp = Ext.create('Ext.Component');

    comp.on('foo', someFn, comp);
    comp.un('foo', someFn);

    To remove the listener, you have to have access to...
  12. Like your other thread, it's about what the scope is. For that, the scope is the window object not the class. This is just how JavaScript works.
  13. The issue here is conflicts when create the class and pass listeners. So imagine you had this:

    Ext.define('Ux.Button', {
    extend : 'Ext.Button',
    xtype : 'ux-button',

    config : {...
  14. Because the scope (this) is the window object so it's the same as if you did this:

    onTap : window.tapEventHandler

    What you probably need is:

    onTap : function() {
  15. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    The logic behind the navigation view may not be ideal for you as it won't let you control it that much. You can extend the navigation view to inject your logic to go back to the login view when you...
  17. This is up to the platform's browser to support, I do not believe browsers will fire an event when you switch back to the browser.
  18. The json you have provided, is that 100% the response? If so, that is not JsonP, it's only json. JsonP is json surrounded with a callback function whose name is provided in a url parameter. For...
  19. The File field uses <input type="file" /> so it'd be up to the platform to support automatically targeting the the camera which I don't think is in the spec.
  20. From the code provided, I don't see anything that would cause the issue.
  21. Also, is this thread a duplicate of
  22. I'm not sure I follow. What code are you wanting to use to show buttons?
  23. Is there a chart type not included with the Sencha Charts? Sencha Charts has a column chart.
  24. The search field uses the HTML5 <input type="search" /> node so it's up to the browser how to handle that field. Looks like a bug in iOS 8
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    You would have to wait till the component is rendered to then execute the qrcode on that element.
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