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  1. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.3.1
    Ext 3.4

    Adapter used:

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    Is there anywhere I can find details of where all of the various CSS classes are used throughout ExtJS?

    I know much of it is reasonably self explanatory, and it's easy to inspect single elements...
  3. I'm running v1.0.2.5 and whilst the checkbox column does show correctly in the code preview, it's missing in the generated .ui.js file. I guess this explains why it appears up on the design surface...
  4. When adding a CheckboxSelectionModel to a grid it looks fine in the designer, but when the exported project is run in the browser the checkbox column is missing because it's not being included in the...
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    Having read my last post back, it's quite a bit harsher than I'd have written now, even if the new release hadn't remedied the problems which had provoked it, but to be honest it did sum up my...
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    The problem is, that these aren't just minor glitches or inconveniences, they're actually destroying people's previous work and to add insult to injury the installed product is effectively unusable...
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    One minor thing - the default number of columns for a button group in v1.0.1 was 2, but blank in v1.0.2, so when I open an existing project all of the button groups which hadn't had the number of...
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    Yeah, I'm getting the same problem with a JSON store.

    I get data appearing in the designer when I do a "Load data" so I know the URL is correct, but it's not loaded when I open the exported...
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