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  1. I've also tried store.removed.length = 0 and while that keeps the removed records from being sent to the server it also makes the store think it isn't dirty which I need.
  2. I have a store which is created from a hasMany field and doesn't have its own proxy. The store is tied to a grid which the user can delete rows and the Save button is enabled because the store is...
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    You should be able to take your packaged app from Sencha Cmd and put it in a PhoneGap project. Use PhoneGap to build the project for your target OS and copy your Ext JS files to the web folder.
  4. Ext JS 5 is for desktop and tabletsTouch is for tablets and phonesSo while Ext JS 5 might run on a phone I doubt Sencha does any testing on them since it's not on their targeted platforms.
  5. In Touch config was actually in a config object

    Ext.define('User', { extend: '',

    config: {
  6. Here is a simplified example of data coming from the server:

    { "class" : "com.X",
    "method" : "getY",
    "returns" : {
    "name" : "rtn"
    "type" : "string"
  7. My model has a field 'notnull' which is server data and my grid's column is a checkcolumn with text of 'Allow Null'. I'm trying to get the column to render !value and can't figure out how. I tried a...
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    Are you using Sencha Cmd? If you have your dependencies configured correctly it won't include the entire framework.
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    Will do if I have any questions.

    Is it really possible to hijack a 33-page thread? :))
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    My core development background is Java/Spring so why I was looking at Deft DI!

    Any features you are removing or adding to Deft JS 5?
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    Our server calls are a mix of store, model, and also some straight Ext.Ajax calls. We wrap an API which uses Promises around all those which our business logic calls. This keeps our business logic...
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    Well I'm already using Deft JS for promises so that saves me some upgrade time! I've been on the fence about using Deft DI since I thought our Deft dependency might go away if Ext JS 5 had promises....
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    At SenchaCon I heard that Ext JS 5 was going to include Promises but I can't find them in the API. Are they included, or going to be included, in Ext JS 5?
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    Awesome! Are promises part of Ext JS 5? At SenchaCon I heard they were going to be but I can't find them in the API.
  15. Well here is what I did. I created a new app using and copied all the new Cmd files to my existing app merging app.json and sencha.cfg. I then ran sencha package upgrade on my all packages. I had to...
  16. Does package A require package B, and package B require package A? If so that's something you want to avoid as it's a circular dependency.
  17. We have an Ext JS 4.1.1 workspace with an app named app-architect-desktop with 4 code packages and 1 theme package created in Cmd 3:

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    Anyone ever figure out how to get thirdparty.js into all-classes.js?
  19. This bug didn't happen with 3.1.1 but started when we moved to 3.1.2. Our developers are using Windows 7 64-bit. Those who's projects were in longer folder structures would get the error below when...
  20. I got our 2-app workspace upgraded to Cmd finally and tried to build it and it failed. I tried all kinds of things and finally decided to start with a blank workspace and try it there. I...
  21. It has been nothing but struggles updating our 2 apps and several packages in a single workspace to Ext JS 4.2.1 and Cmd I was finally able to update to Ext JS 4.2.1 but had to use Cmd...
  22. We have a workspace created using Cmd 3.1.1 that is referencing Ext JS 4.2.0 externally (there is no workspace/ext). It has 2 applications, 2 themes, and a bunch of local code packages. Here is the...
  23. Mitchell,

    After some playing around I think I figured out the solution late Friday. All the shared JavaScript and its SASS are now in packages under the workspace.

    WebContent/ ...
  24. We have core code which is in moduleA - moduleD in the sample structure below. This core code is shared by many clients. Each client has its own app.js entry point plus JavaScript overrides and...
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    Is it native? If so you need an iPhone 5 sized slash screen.
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