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  1. I'm off to Shanghai for a month in November and I was wondering if there was any Sencha devs out there who fancy meeting up or if there's already a user group?
  2. HI,

    I can't comment on the Sencha developers, but we used istanbul - there's an example project using Grunt and some custom Sencha jasmine extensions shown here:...
  3. Thanks for the response Gary.

    I guess whats not clear to me still is what disabling a component means in specific terms. Perhaps this could be updated in the docs - at the moment the docs say:
  4. Hi,

    We have an editable grid in a form. The form can have a readonly mode which we do by disabling the grid.

    Unfortunately if you disable a grid it masks the entire grid meaning you can no...
  5. We've hit this bug a few times. I've done my best to pinpoint the issue and here's what I can tell so far:

    I have also modified ext-debug.js (this is 4.1.2) in the following way:

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    RE: Strategies for large scale apps

    I'll be discussing some of these in my talk "Clean and Maintainable Ext JS: Tools and Patterns for Greater Code Clarity" so please come along.

    In addition I...
  7. Hi,

    I've been profiling our app which uses associations and we've noticed that large dataset loads were pretty slow when associations were in use. I've fixed a few bugs we had on our side but I've...
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    It looks like there is a memory leak in Ext 4.2 when using associations. I've created a simple page which creates one model with a has many association & on clicking a button uses the store...
  9. After a little more playing I realise that the simple solution here is to NOT use forceFit (I don't know of any use cases for it now, so perhaps this could be changed to a bug about clearer...
  10. I know this is closed but for the sake of clarity in case anyone else hits the same issue and stumbles across this report via Google, I've filed a new ticket about this here:
  11. Since this asked for more info and I wasn't sure if the OP was having the exact same issue I've filed another report here:
  12. I think the OP is having the same issue as what I've reported in this ticket:

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.2a, 4.1.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 25
    FF 19
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    @lsdriscoll You could write your own pre-processor step which does this as a grunt task before the sencha_dependencies one is invoked. I'd suggest dropping in a issue on to the github project so we...
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    Feel free to offer suggestions on other features - though bear in mind I want to keep the scope limited to JUST figuring out your app's...
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    @cburgadoff - hold that thought

    I did it at my old company and have just started doing it again in my new role. This time I'll push it to github. At the bare minimum all it will do is generate...
  17. Just wanted to add a +1 that this is hitting us on a project too at the moment.

    Is this likely to be fixed in a future release soon (we're using 4.1.2)?
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    Hi Mitchell,

    In the end these things will always come down to personal opinions as there is probably benefits either way - I would recommend trying the approach first on a reasonable sized project...
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    Hey all,

    I'm gonna chime in here and say that I used to be someone who used callbacks (it was all I knew) and then I tried switching to Promise's and a few days was pretty much sold on them being...
  20. Hi,

    Might be worth running jslint or jshint on the files before pushing it out as it will help with the trailing comma issues in IE. In 0.9c there's one on line 90.

  21. +1 - is there any chance this will be fixed for 4.1.1?
  22. I'm thankful we have blanket approval on all OSI licenses, before then it was a nightmare.

    Anyway, thanks much for that and for the prompt responses.

  23. =D> any chance you can dual license under an OSI approved license too?

    As crap as it sounds I'd have to get WTFPL approved by our legal team which...
  24. Hi Cristophe,

    Thanks for the extension, could you add a license to it though. As naff as it sounds we need to cover ourselves by making sure we only use code which has been properly licensed.
  25. Is there any news on when the router logic will be in the Ext.js 4.x MVC package? Given that Sencha Touch 2 has it I'd assume you'd be doing the same thing.
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