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    Are you seeing this in your own code or on the example site? If you are seeing it in your own code with Gxt 3.1, you should post it in the bugs forum:
  2. Workaround I did for this (striping it myself). I used a GridViewConfig and setup a RowStyle that applies to even numbered rows (based on an index in my model data). Works well enough for me.
  3. From what I can tell, this issue did not exist with GXT 3.0.1. We moved from 3.0.1 to 3.0.6 and this issue appeared. This issues also seems to happen on Chrome 33 and Firefox 24 ESR.
  4. GXT 3.0.6 with GWT 2.4.0.
    I ran into a weird behavior where column resizes on a Grid cause the column headers to grow in height.

    We have a class overriding ColumnHeaderDefaultAppearance, which...
  5. Looks like this got moved to GXT3 bugs. Is this something Sencha is considering fixing?
  6. I run the command: -generateConfig skeleton-config.theme skeleton-config.theme
    Then I get:

    com.sencha.gxt.themebuilder.config.shared.WrongTypeException: String can't...
  7. I believe this could be considered a bug. I'm using GXT 3.0.6 using LiveGridView with setStripeRows(true). Since the stripes are based on the Grid store (which is just the visible rows), the...
  8. It wasn't working for me either. I figured out that my browser had a cached version of still. Forcing a full page reload got me the new examples.
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    For my company, we'd probably prefer having the latest GXT2 (2.3.x) support GWT 2.6.0 if possible. But it sounds like the changes the GWT team is making to core classes is making this very difficult...
  10. I've been looking at the docs and really like the layout of it. does Sencha make the utility that generates that page available for others to use (be it free or paid)?...
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