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    Ok, I will try and return it soon after ..
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    Hello guys,

    I generated my application with Sencha CMD
    When running my first application to test, the following error appeared:
  3. Hello Guys,

    I have a problem. I'm not able to do the work on extjs 4 in my mvc application 4.
    Simply nothing happens when I run my application, ie a blank page appears. By...
  4. Ok, my version is 4.1.1a and even then the CMD did not work in compiling my application, informed that generated the error. Is there any other option?

  5. Mitchellsimoens Hello, thank you for answering my question.
    Remains the same errors mentioned above, ie not worked your tip.
    A version of that work is the extjs extjs 4.1.x. The tool Sencha CMD...
  6. Hey Folks,

    I'm finding it very difficult to use this tool sencha cmd. I hope you have a colleague who has used the forum and could help me or give me another option.

    My application...
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    Anyway thank you for your attention.

    If a colleague is reading this post and can help me create a function like yours, but you have the possibility to search the term if more than one, I would...
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    Thanks for responding to my post my friend!
    I made a small adjustment to your code to Extjs4 and worked perfectly. Your code helped me a lot.

    The problem is that in my case, there are more than...
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    Hello Aldri,

    If I may, I would like to know how you build this function, the possibility of finding more than one occurrence in the search?


  10. I want to thank you, for this plugin creation.
    I've been looking for something like this plugin for a long time ago, and this one seems to be the most reliable that i have found.

    I live in...
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