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    Over time I've created various examples demonstrating more advanced animations and scripting as response to questions and requests on the forum. This post lists all of them available for download:
  2. Hi,

    Masking is not directly possible in Animator since it's a feature that is not widely supported in browsers.

    With that in mind, webkit browsers (Chrome and Safari) do have mask support (svg...
  3. Hi - a couple of possible things to check:

    Did you edit anything in the project manually?

    Do you have the hidden .sencha folder in your project folder?

    Do you have all your dependencies...
  4. Moved the thread to Help&Discussion, as it's not a feature request.
  5. Hi,

    I suggest you should look into using timelines rather than using separate scenes. This way you are animating same dom objects rather than having to load different ones due to scene switching....
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    This is not something that will happen any time soon. In HTML5 you can draw polygons inside a canvas object or as part of inline SVG. In both cases, it is not possible to animate these through CSS...
  7. If you are mainly interested in using the theme in your future projects, and you don't include external assets (such as images or additional css resources), you can save the theme in the toolbox by...
  8. Hi,

    Looking at your animation, it seems that your bars are scaling up in y-axis and moving down on y-axis. Is this correct? If this is the case it might be that these two transforms are not...
  9. Select the object (or objects) that you want to convert to a symbol, and then go to Library->Symbols and click 'convert to symbol' button [+]

    This will convert the current selection to a symbol....
  10. Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit multiple objects at once. However, if you want to resize your entire animation (or part of it), what you can do is following:

    - create a parent object
  11. Glad that solved it for you! Thanks for letting us know.
  12. Hi Landish,

    Looking at your directory, it seems that app.json might have been modified manually, since there seems to be a backup as app.json.$old there. Can you verify with your team if this is...
  13. Great that you solved it :)
  14. You can look into modifying exported animation as it appears relatively simple. Bear in mind that you might have to modify some of the DOM structure as well when you remove JS. If something is not...
  15. JS handles things like symbols, timelines and scene transitions. Also, if you attached any actions to any of the objects in the animation, these are also handled through JS.
  16. Thanks for the report Landish, we will look into this.

    Technically, the scss resources that you create are all merged into one file when compiling, so currently multiple scss resources in one...
  17. Architect locking up when you view code of a large .css definitely should not happen. We will look into that.
  18. Hi Mthor,

    So far I wasn't able to replicate this...a few more questions:

    Could you verify if you have all the dependencies installed correctly? Please check under...
  19. Hi Landish,

    About the project and theme in question - are you using a specific workspace? Could you verify if the same occurs if you're create a brand new application?

    Generally, you should not...
  20. Hi kshoultz,

    Currently, the only way to import a custom theme into Architect is to import compiled css, and you are right, that is not flexible enough, as it will not allow you to modify variables...
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    Hi Christian,

    Currently you need to modify app.json file (it is in your project directory) to set up which theme is loaded on which platform / browser. On how to do this, please take a look at the...
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    Hi TeaMatthew,

    After exporting the animation, have you verified that it looks correctly on all three browsers: FF, Chrome, IE11?

    If it does, and things only go wrong after inserting it in your...
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    Hi Sang Oh,

    It seems that in the below code you had the localization js file included twice (also app.js is included twice). Did you modify index.html outside Architect yourself?

    When including...
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    Hi nikclifford,

    What crashes exactly - the browser closes? What version of iPad / iOS / browser are you testing the animation on?

    You can prevent zooming on the page by modifying viewport...
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    Hi huateduck,

    Apologies, I made a little mistake when answering your question - the config options I mentioned are not released yet, it is something that is included in the future version of...
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