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  1. Though I had tried earlier as well multiple ways, I again tried the one you suggested and it did not work. It gives an errors saying that " (TypeError):...
  2. Thanks a lot for the answers. I need to try out this option as well, though I had tried the same thing in a different way which dint work out. Will try this for sure and update.
  3. Well I had initially uploaded the files but soon after I realized that I am not supposed to send out anything whatsover outside my organization as the Client is overly strict being into the financial...
  4. Any answers ?
  5. I have attached the two model objects that I am using. The code snippet that I had pasted earlier is the one where I need specify the name of the properties from the child domain object i.e,...
  6. Hi,

    I am a novice user of the GXT framework. I am stuck up in using XTemplate to access the data from a child model. Following is a brief of the exact problem :

    I have a parent model named...
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