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  1. FWIW I've run into the same thing before... and overriding that RegEx is essentially the solution I was going to suggest.

    I don't know if it's a bug per se... I'll ask another engineer to chime...
  2. This is a known bug, SDKTOOLS-983. A fix has already been committed and is slated for the 5.1 release of Cmd.
  3. The "Box Layouts" tab identifies the (potential) overuse of box-layouts (HBox and VBox). It's very similar to the "Overnesting" tab in concept.

    The general idea is that applications frequently...
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    @bambam - just create a new thread and I (or someone else) will try to answer as best we can.
  5. And for the record, the Windows 8 compatibility works very differently. Chrome and Windows environments, despite both having a CSP, are nothing alike.
  6. It occurred to me over the weekend that you might try playing with the MANY Sencha Cmd configuration options.

    For example, open /YOUR APP/.sencha/app/

    Look for the following...
  7. Did you actually try it?

    I was referring to how the one sample app built by Sencha a few years ago uses an sandbox iframe:
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    I don't know for sure if the fix is in our nightly, but if it's merged then I imagine it would be.

    Glad you are finding this package useful!
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    Assuming you are using the latest code from the Sencha Cmd CDN (i.e. NOT from Sencha Market) then things should work fine. I'm also assuming you're using Ext JS 5.0.1 -- so please let me know if the...
  10. You might look at this thread from SO:

    Chrome apps/extensions are tricky because of...
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    @Zorian - If you're running it on a page with Ext JS or Sencha Touch, it should work if you're using:
    - Ext JS 4.0+
    - Touch 2.0+

    There could always be bugs, but let me know what version...
  12. Ganesh,

    As I mentioned in my previous comment, the Windows8 package I mention in that blog post is not (yet) compatible with Sencha Touch. Hopefully one day soon I can find time to address that.
  13. Sorry to raise an old thread, but this is now integrated with Ext JS 5:

    Does not (yet) apply to Sencha Touch, but hopefully...
  14. Sorry to raise an old thread, but...

    ...this is now really easy to do in Ext JS 5 (and Cmd 5).

    This does not apply to...
  16. I don't have an official word on what the next release number is... but if it is 5.0.2, that would necessarily be included in 5.1.0.

    Also, no timeline I can offer here either.
  17. Apologies for the delay in an official response. I have only just been made aware of this issue.

    It appears that the documentation on Ext.chart.AbstractChart for some of these events is wrong...
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    Thanks for the bug report!
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    I'm running OSX 10.9.3, Chrome 36.0.1985.143... and yes, this should run on both Windows and Mac.

    I'm sorry you're having trouble getting this installed. I think the problem is that you're looking...
  20. Ok, so really this just boils down to Selenium/Appium... and sadly I'm not nearly informed enough to help you debug down that path.

    Sencha Touch, even after it's built via Cmd and shoved into...
  21. And last but not least, Selenium has historically had trouble working with Sencha applications because Selenium typically expects hard-coded DOM IDs, and the Sencha-generated DOM is rarely...
  22. That's a really old version of Cordova! I think the latest is like 3.5, so that could be a problem too.
  23. When you view the application on the device itself (not via the UI test automation suite), do things look okay?

    If so, this sounds like a problem with your testing platform.

    If not, does your...
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    Ron - Please send a screenshot and any debugging info for us. I'll log a ticket on GitHub. Thanks!
  25. Ext JS 5 certainly covers a wider variety of browsers - and considering Ext JS 5 supports tablets, your need for "desktop and mobile" would be mostly solved.

    However, Ext JS 5 isn't really...
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