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  1. Thanks Jamie. I think we're all just excited to start using ST2. Cheers and good luck!
  2. So, is there a next release date? Homescreen icon is one of those "it has to be there to use this" sort of things.
  3. I see all the examples in ST2 right now show a TabPanel base for mobile applications. This implies there is a global tab navigation in the application. Is there a minimal example of setting up a...
  4. I would, but we can't change what the web app returns. We have to manage it on the front end...

    Do you think it would be better to make a call for each model and include the redundant fields, or...
  5. Not sure if there is any way to pull this off, but here is my problem. I'm working on a mobile application that relies on several different server requests to fetch all the information I need to...
  6. A little new to Ext4 and Sencha Touch here... I had two questions:

    1) Does this work with Sencha Touch
    2) Could someone provide a more detailed explanation of where the function above would go...
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