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  1. Ok, couldn't goto bed before trying, have it working in the desktop example. Thnx again for the help !!!

    createWindow : function(){
    var desktop =;
  2. Ok Mitchell, thnx, this rises other questions but I have enough to learn from this example. I'll come back once I've figured it out :-) Now I'm having errors which give me something to look after...
  3. Closing a window the second time ? Not sure what you mean by that Mitchell, is it simply open window, close window, re-open window and close it the second time ? Sorry if this sounds silly...
  4. Ok, I changed it to a single listener after the; I think you meant this:;
    win.addListener('beforedestroy', function(){
  5. I also tried that event trigger, but I get the same result, window first closes and afterwards the function is fired. It feels like I'm placing the trigger in a wrong place...
  6. Hello community,

    I'm trying to explore the example Desktop. I wanted to add a msg box to ask the user if they are sure to close for example the window notepad or not. My first idea was to add the...
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