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  1. In order to disable zebrastripe, you only have to add $list-zebrastripe:false; in your sass file
  2. thanks for your reply.
    in fact my problem is still persisting. i'm not sure i was enough clear but here is the test scenario :

    Home page loads,
    click on news button,
    on the news page click on...
  3. Hi,

    i'm trying to implement dynamic component (view) creation and my problem is that the backbtn tap event fires correctly the first time but not the second time when the News view is recreated.
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    Thanks to both of you. Sencha Touch (mainly ExtJs style) is quite new for me, the learning curve is quite important but i really love it.
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    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    What sounds strange to me if that Sencha is actually communicating on new apps which use intensively Ext.getCmp("viewport") whereas it's in production. As an...
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    i've noticed that i'm not able to get Ext.getCmp("viewport") working each time i'm trying to call it from a "sub sub" panel. Do you know if it's a normal behaviour? What would be the best...
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