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  1. Sounds good Greg...

    Is there any work around for now before the next nightly?
  2. Is there any work around to stop selection when I click to expand a node in tree panel?
  3. Hi,

    Since last few hours I am trying to check why the tree node gets selected on expand and searching for if any configuration in tree, store or model to prevent selection of node when expanded....
  4. That is perfect for a tree with known nodes to load initially.

    Now lets say, I have a tree already rendered, and then after on a particular event or selection I want to load nodes into that from...
  5. Yea, may be due to I have made some changes. Don't remember whats that but see this one

    In this fiddle my requirement achieved but I am still not satisfied...
  6. Hi,

    I am using a tree panel that is required to be filled up at certain event.

    The tree data is having 'checked' property based on that the check boxes are visible but I am not able to capture...
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    I had done that like this in Ext 3, Ext override doesn't seem to be changed in Ext 4 so this should work.

    Connection class is base of all ajax requests so it will extend time for any kind of ajax...
  8. Ext.JSON.decode();
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    I found a thread same like this issue,

    My requirement can be fulfilled by the requestexception...
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    In Ext 3 I made an interceptor of Connection.handleFailure method. My intention was to prompt a message for error from a single place to avoid message for failure at all AJAX request code.

  11. Thanks Flanders,

    Looked into doc for the same and found its quite helpful.
    will try to make set my mind now to work with available options :-?

    By the way, thanks a lot buddy...
  12. Hi,

    I have worked on Ext 3 and now I am migrating my application in Ext 4.

    I am using 'ref' property of Component class heavily to make local reference of different items defined in any panel...
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    I am trying nested windows. A window that opens another window.

    For example,
    'main-win' is a window that internally calls another window, say 'another-win'.

    Now if I close the...
  14. Its working fine now.
    want to show you, is it good or any thing batter can be done...

    Ext.ns(''); = Ext.extend(Ext.grid.GridView,{
  15. let me put my scenario, = Ext.extend(Ext.grid.GridPanel, {
    columns: [
    new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel(),
    ...// column 1
  16. Thanks buddy,
    That's good and working fine.
    but what if I have used GridPanel for the purpose.???
  17. Hi,

    I have placed check boxes using CheckboxSelectionModel.
    Now when I use column header menu to hide a column, All columns are possible to hide. I want to make at least one should be visible.
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