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  1. Hi,

    There are a couple of features requests filed internally for additional glyph support. The idea of having glyphs supported where icons are supported today is something that is being discussed...
  2. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  3. Enabling split mode was initially designed to be an internal option only, but is being set up so that it's available publicly in the next release of Sencha Cmd (the next stable version after...
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    Ruby <2 was required for past versions of Cmd, but works with the current stable Cmd. You may need to run "sencha upgrade" to ensure you have the latest version of Cmd. You will then run "sencha...
  5. While the MapQuest map integration falls a bit outside of Sencha Support it's quite possible someone in the community may be able to lend some advice from their own experience.

    Perhaps it has to...
  6. Instead of using the ColumnHeaderGroup ux try using the syntax seen in the following example:

    *You'll have to expand...
  7. Hi,

    I'm afraid there's not a way to re-render the grid with new viewConfig options such as altering the enableTextSelection configuration. You'll need to destroy / re-create the grid instance...
  8. I'm assuming you're wanting to do this in a renderer config, not in a render listener base on the arguments in your function? If so, you can get a column using its index using the grid's...
  9. Hi,

    Try doing a reset() before you do your load() in the onDiseaseSelected method.

  10. Hi,

    I'm afraid Cmd does not support class definitions defined in side an IIFE wrapping. "use strict" is also not currently supported.

    You can try testing with skip.resolve=0 in the...
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    Columns will be a little different in that you can't define a columns class and apply configs to it per instance like you can with a store. The way you would work with column defaults would...
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    You can define a store class to be used by your components and the store definition can have an alias which will allow you to then instantiate the store by config - passing in additional configs as...
  13. You can refresh the grid by calling grid.getView().refresh();
  14. Fixed in 4.2.2 GA
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    As written I would expect MyApp.view.Responses to inherit the store config from MyApp.view.GridRemote. Perhaps you can share a more complete test case at to demonstrate the...
  16. Hi,

    There is a bug with ExtJS charts in 4.x relating to zoom.
    I believe that is fixed in the Sencha 5 charts rewrite, though. You might try auditioning ExtJS 5 to see if the Sencha Charts...
  17. Hi,

    The Ext.MenuMgr singleton class that managed menu interactions is looking for a class of x-class in the mousedown event to determine whether the menus should be closed. So, you can add cls:...
  18. The effort sounds rather ambitious and I'm not convinced that fitting the grid as a text editor is the right solution. What I've done before was to use the Ace editor and have its instance target...
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    You might run 'sencha -sdk /path/to/ext/sdk generate app AppName path/to/AppName' and use the bootstrap files, index, app.json, and hidden .sencha folder from the generated app in your existing app...
  20. Hi,

    I'm afraid the buffered store doesn't support create, update, or delete operations.
  21. It's possible I'm misunderstanding what you're looking to do, but you can collapse the row's whitespace by zeroing out the padding on the .x-grid-cell-inner style rule.
  22. Hi,
    would you be able to post a test case showing the issue / resolution to share with the community?
  23. Hi,

    Try setting Ext.Ajax.cors = true; before your application kicks off.

    You'll also need to set up CORS on the remote server as well. A resource I've seen come in handy for folks is:...
  24. If you use the CSS resource that ships with the 4.2.x version of the framework you're using do you continue to see issues?
  25. Can you post what the JSON output coming back from the server looks like?
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