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    You're right - the examples work fine on Windows 8 in IE as well. It turns out to be an issue only when bufferedRenderer is false.
  2. Ext version tested:

    The DirectStore convenience class is still copying the "root" config instead of the "rootProperty" config to the reader. Might I also suggest copying...
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    Most of the touch-based support added to Ext JS is working great. However, scrolling grids still seems to require the scrollbar. I should be able to swipe up and down on the grid contents to...
  4. Ext version tested:


    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 30.0

    This thread discusses the problem and the solution that is supposed to work:...
  5. I tried Carun's example in Sencha Fiddle: I am getting the same "Unable to dynamically resolve method" error when attempting to close the window. Is this...
  6. Ext version tested:


    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 30.0

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    Is there any word on incorporating touch/tap events in Ext JS referred to in this article:

    Does someone know if this will be included in a release of Ext...
  8. is a convenience class. It would be more convenient if you could use extraParams with it. So instead of the following (modified from your example):

    var store =...
  9. extraParams is a config option of but is not passed from the constructor meaning you can't use it unless you specify the proxy/reader configs separately. ...
  10. I tweaked your code a bit to support an empty string as the place holder, default value and form reset functionality.

    Ext.define('IMS.field.Select', {
    override: 'Ext.field.Select',

  11. Can you repost the files associated with this video?
  12. Null is not 0, but it is not an empty string either.

    I agree that METHOD 2 is the best choice. Really it is the responsibility of the reader to handle null values not the data type. It would be...
  13. In 3.2, NULL values for int and float types are now converted to 0 rather than an empty string. You can read more about it here:...
  14. I posted a 3.2.1 version here:
  15. I had posted a thread in the 2.0 forums regarding how to modify the Ext.MessageBox component to support combo boxes. I finally had this need again (for 3.2.1). However, this time I implemented it...
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    Setting actionEvent = 'dblclick' and keepSelection = true doesn't stop the grid's rowdblclick event from firing before the action fires. I have a rowdblclick event on a grid that I want to fire as...
  17. aghextjs: This is general problem with the ComboBox class. There may be other methods or overrides out there, but I use this one I found in the forums -- this fix applies to the LovCombo class and...
  18. I should have clarified in my post that this fix is for version 3.0.x. I'm pretty sure that this applies to 3.1.x too (I did a quick check on the code and it doesn't look resolved in 3.1.0).
  19. I ran into this problem and devised the following fix:
  20. Others have noted an issue where a vertical scrollbar shows up in an HtmlEditor in certain circumstances. The problem is that in some cases, the height of the frame body never gets set with...
  21. In my solution, the onFocus and onBlur methods of the Ext.form.Field class take care of tracking changes. What's nice about doing it this way is that if you have used one of condor's overrides such...
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    Great work! I was able to seamlessly replace the version I had hacked away at to make it work for my needs with this new version and it worked perfectly. I'm happy to be using the pseudo-official...
  23. Another way to do it is attached the blur and focus events to the onBlur and onFocus methods. These two methods track changes and call the change event appropriately. You could either do this per...
  24. An idea from Animal to get rid of the TwinTriggerField and make a generic TriggerField with X triggers is found here: This is a good idea because...
  25. Saki--

    Just a couple minor revision recommendations as you work on the new version:

    1. Add a displaySeparator config option so that the form submission separator can be something different from...
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