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    Ok, good.

    As I said earlier, this is true in mosts cases because (in most cases) people aren't using Architect as part of a CI process. Because Architect cannot be run from the command-line,...
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    Did you enable Sencha Cmd for your Architect project?

    If so, it's possible you did not commit the...
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    Ok, so there's a few things going on here.

    (1) You're using Sencha Architect, so that .xds file is not an executable/binary. In most cases Architect doesn't require you to put your .js files under...
  4. Take a look at this Fiddle:

    Does that help you?
  5. Hi Don,

    I need your help to clarify what "Azure WebAPI" actually is, because I can't find that exact product name on the Azure website. I see Azure API Management...
  6. I recently had a discussion with our Engineering team about this -- and while I don't have any specifics, we opened a user story (EXTJS-17090) in our bug tracker to address this soon.

    I agree it's...
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    Just a few minutes ago, Sencha hit 1 million total posts in these forums!


    I've been a part of this community since 2008 -- nearly 7 years -- and I am so proud that we continue to grow!
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    If you're both using Sencha Cmd, it will be :D

    The whole idea of a "build process" is that you have a tool (or a script that relies on tools) to do N number of tasks to produce something.
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    Technically Sencha Cmd does all of this.

    "sencha app build" will compile everything for you, and "sencha web start" will launch a local web server to view the app.

    Was there something else you...
  10. We are planning to have refreshments at the meetup... so please RSVP on the meetup page Mitchell linked. We'll be looking at the RSVP numbers in a few weeks to plan the refreshments accordingly -- we...
  11. No, the Eclipse plugin is not "dead"... we have a number of announcements at SenchaCon that relate to tools (like IDE plugins), so unfortunately I can't release any info before then.

    I realize...
  12. Not exactly, but I can't give out much info at the moment. More details will emerge over the next few weeks, but most of the "good stuff" will wait until SenchaCon.

    Congrats to you! Best of...
  13. Some additional details will be coming over the next few weeks, but most of the deep technical stuff will wait until SenchaCon to be announced.

    Stay tuned to the blog and our newsletter.

  14. The licensing to Sencha Touch (as a standalone product) will remain the same ongoing -- meaning Touch will continue to have a free license for both GPL and Commercial.

    More information about what...
  15. Bruce -- when are you coming into town? I'm trying to organize a Meetup on Monday night (nothing confirmed yet), so that might be the ideal place for something like this.

    In any case, I look...
  16. I'm glad your issue with the hotel room was resolved.

    Let's try to keep the comments clean though... SenchaCon has a code of conduct (as noted on the website), and we have put a lot of effort into...
  17. Bruce, I have been told that someone did speak with you via email and that your hotel room is all set. If that's not the case, please let me know and we'll get this solved.
  18. Bruce, someone from Marketing will be contacting you today. Sorry for the hassle here.

    FWIW I was successfully able to reserve a room at the Avatar hotel over the phone, but it's the furthest of...
  19. Correct, the version number you get via the Cmd download doesn't match the package.json number... it's a quirk in our deployment process for this.

    And the latest version dropped support for...
  20. There is no current solution for this. Unfortunately the architecture of this package doesn't play well with Architect -- so while I won't rule out a solution in the future, I would not expect one...
  21. FWIW I've run into the same thing before... and overriding that RegEx is essentially the solution I was going to suggest.

    I don't know if it's a bug per se... I'll ask another engineer to chime...
  22. This is a known bug, SDKTOOLS-983. A fix has already been committed and is slated for the 5.1 release of Cmd.
  23. The "Box Layouts" tab identifies the (potential) overuse of box-layouts (HBox and VBox). It's very similar to the "Overnesting" tab in concept.

    The general idea is that applications frequently...
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    @bambam - just create a new thread and I (or someone else) will try to answer as best we can.
  25. And for the record, the Windows 8 compatibility works very differently. Chrome and Windows environments, despite both having a CSP, are nothing alike.
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