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  1. Much better (and simpler) for giving users a progress indicator whilst scripts are loading however it doesn't load things on demand or allow for dependancies without the developer having to manually...
  2. Received an email re the IE on demand loading and thought best address it here for everyones future reference.

    As EXT (and any other scripts that use "Document.Write") need the DOM to be not fully...
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    Actually - this has already been done for the most part a couple of weeks/months back. Check out:

    It also allows you to display...
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    You'll need to work with it as an Element - perhaps the following will help from the API docs:

    Ext.get( Mixed el ) : Element
    Static method to retrieve Element objects. Uses simple caching to...
  5. I've posted your fixes thanks cboden :) I've also updated the original post to make not of using this for the plugins and other scripts rather than the ext core itself due to ie document.write...
  6. I haven't been able to replicate the preloading bug in IE yet (though I've got ie7 so it might just be that) but if it is still causing difficulties you could load the ext core + adapter on page load...
  7. escalade, make sure you put a pair of newlines between each file that you're concatenating as just joining them together can break some scripts.

    @stolsma - I've run this a few times on IE but I...
  8. On second glance it looks like you've got the wrong paths specified to your EXT install - for the css you have:

    But for your scripts you have:

  9. Your code looks fine on first glance - have you double checked that your fetchResource.php (or equivelent) is correctly delivering the scripts you have specified? That sounds like the culprit given...
  10. Good catch :) I've updated the script to reflect this.
  11. UPDATED 29/07/09: This code has fallen by the wayside and isn't in a working state. There are some other great on demand loaders in the forum worth searching for if you don't feel like fiddling with...
  12. Okay I've spent a bit of time stripping out some of the more proprietry stuff so I can provide an example of the preloading. I can't actually provide my class that handles the compression,...
  13. I've written things for exactly this reason though unfortuantely current company is very IP restrictive.

    One of the problems I found even with compressing and minifying is that you are still...
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    +10 votes from me on this one :p
  15. Thanks for that Brian :)
  16. Hey EXT team,
    Just wanted to check given the impending release of 3.x whether you are planning on offering a combined commercial license or whether its safer holding off release of one of our apps...
  17. *hopefully* I don't get flamed for this suggestion, but how about all ux's being under GPLv3 if they use any of the original code? I admit I haven't delved as deeply into ux dev as some of the other...
  18. evalJSON checks there isnt any js code in the response and doesn't evaluate it if there is. That doesn't mean its better though - I just fell back to using it as it was what I was familar with in...
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    It is indeed very cool how it moves - I'd like to set up a queueing mechanism for it similar to the element fx and tie dialogs to it at the same time to create a kind of step by step "tutorial" using...
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    Just include the javascript then you can do something like the below :) Quite a cool effect (thanks for posting where you found it!); still I think the spotlighting in the example (with the png...
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    Thanks for the link niko but unless I'm mistaken it wasn't what I was looking for. I do like the showcase (except for the Jah-wah!) but I was refering to the actual spotlight example they had listed....
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    Take a look at the Simple Tour in "Spotlights" on the Nitobi website (another commercial JS library) -

    Not mentioning it as a feature...
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    Personally I use Zend Studio (The new one) which is essentially Eclipse with some extra proprietry zend stuff added in for fantastic support in PHP projects (I tried Aptana at home a couple of months...
  24. Yeah Eclipse can take some getting used to... The way your forced to work in projects rather than just opening a file to edit is quite irritating sometimes - but its great when working on large...
  25. JsEclipse is free Mystix :) (( its just an extension for Eclipse - an open source IDE. Also quite handy with things like autocompletion and is...
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