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  1. I have a checkbox in a grid and I don't want to allow the checkbox to be checked or unchecked with a right click, only left click. Mainly because I have a context menu on right click and i don't want...
  2. I have a ComboBox in an EditorGrid which I can click on and select a value but after you click away from the cell the value from the dropdown gets erased or as if it was never set to begin with. Only...
  3. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a grouping grid and on expansion of a category have another grid? What I need is to have a different set of column headers for each group but I'm not entirely...
  4. I have a LayoutContainer that by the time I try to a new element (combo box) there's already a button in the container so when I add my element it gets overlayed and hides the first element. I need...
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