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  1. How many users have to report the same issue before we hear from the Sencha Team??
  2. In my screenshot above, I am using ST We have a previous version of our app built with ST 1.1.1 which does not have the same misalignment issue.
  3. I resolved my issue. I was using HTML5 geolocation to retrieve latitude and longitude positions for the app, and had declared variables to store these values as follows:

    var lat =...
  4. Can you expound on this a bit? I am running into this error as well when trying "sencha app build production" in the command line.


    I searched my files for any variables I might have...
  5. Didn't see this was its own post; I just replied to a closed post regarding a similar issue.

    I am getting a strange misalignment problem when I use a datepicker in my form. I pull it in using...
  6. I am getting a strange misalignment problem when I use a datepicker in my form. I pull it in using xtype (code shown below attached picture). Perhaps this is a weird bug caused by Chrome...
  7. I didn't see anything in my main controller .js file... for now I will just use the getCmp() to do what I need to do. Just thought it was weird... thanks for looking into it!:)
  8. If 'testForm' isn't defined anywhere, it still seems odd to me that the form's textfields do actually get cleared when hitting the Reset button... just not the little x icons. And how does the app...
    Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 20 (Windows) (20.0.1132.57 m)

    I have a few forms (Ext.form.Panel) on which I...
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    It's been over a year since your post, but this may be helpful for others experiencing this issue: I had the same issue (console telling me "Cannot call method 'reset' of undefined"), and so I...
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