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  1. Yeah that sounds like the problem I have. I don't use any images in the item list though. I do use a background-gradient, but when I disabled it it's still laggy like you describe. I guess you also...
  2. Edit: Fixed the problem that it wouldn't show (just needed to moved the main JS file a few rows). Also fixed the problem it wouldn't show any items after 50 items. Needed to update the main JS file...
  3. Edit: went on another route :)
  4. Since my list is getting bigger and bigger, I forced myself to use this great extension. Seems to work very good, I only have a problem with the onItemdisclosure. It simply won't work. It will not go...
  5. For my first app, which will have one tab with an ext.list and one tab with some simple HTML.

    I need a back button and a title on the details pane of the ext.list items. The structure I use only...
  6. Learning Sencha Touch, and already love it. Much better then JQTouch in my opinion. Just working on some app idea I had, and I need to have 2 tabs where the first tab will hold a ext.List with some...
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