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  1. Thanks winter.

    I made more progress and have 90% of this working, but having issues with persisting a record.

    What happens is that when I save a new record, i get 2 back from persistence:
  2. Hmm .. a new request object is being used:

    One commit is called on the grid/store, this is invoked.

    store.addStoreUpdateHandler(new StoreUpdateEvent.StoreUpdateHandler<AddressProxy>() {
  3. I have a related issue

    What you could do is potentially use the...
  4. Hi

    There are no examples showing grid store persistence to RequestFactory, there are issues with persisting records as you need to call edit on the request prior to persistence.

    You can do this...
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    Wondering if anyone knows whether the Desktop feature will be included in the 3.0 final release - it was there is previous versions but can't see it in the betas?

  6. Was wondering if there was any update on the release? The dp2 version had some missing components like Desktop and Grids.

    Can the dev team give an update on a possible release date as we are now...
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    Thanks, is this the official sencha stance or is this something you've been told or seen on the forums?
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    I have a few questions regarding licensing and versions. I am about to embark on a project that would ideally like to use gxt 3.0; unfortunately, a prod version is most likely at least 3 months...
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