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    Try to set the HTTP request to use GET method in the client.
    If it can not work, it seems the server side must support not-so-simple request.
    And you Java implement is not enough.
    Suggest you can...
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    1 use configuration withCredentials: true,
    2 The server should also support CORS.
  3. in the navigationView,
    if I push the parent list instance and then create the new child list instance and set the title like this: list.config.title,then use navigationView.add function and it to...
  4. My question is if there are several remote methods should be called by a store's proxy, how to configure it?
    it seems there is only one method can be configured for store using api : update.
  5. Scenario:

    1 sencha application is the portal,maybe it is a dashboard of the sencha applications, and the others maybe are CRM, mail,newspaper...

    in the portal, the sencha framework package...
  6. Scenario :

    There are several applications which every one is sencha application and can run lonely very well.
    There will be a portal to give the unified entry for them.

    The question is :

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    Yes, I believe it works fine if just supporting few phones and tablets. But I guess in the near future the framework has to support many more different models, especially for the screen size. Maybe...
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    I do not think the profile in Sencha is a good feature. When the application needs to be adapted for more and more handsets or tablets, it will make the client package so heavay and hard to maintain....
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    I am readding the source code of TouchStyle, and I find
    in the controller, store named Categories will be loaded in init function.
    Like this :
    init: function() {
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