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  1. how can i give multiple vtypes to a single text field.

    i tried this, but its not working.

    vtype : ['customv1','customv2']
  2. Hi

    I have a chart
    var chart1 = Ext.create('Ext.chart.Chart', {
    renderTo: 'div3',
    id: 'chartCmp1',
    xtype: 'chart',
  3. its done, preventHeader was the key(this time it worked:D), Thanks skirtle for your good support:)
  4. skirtle, you are right . I simply removed the title and header was gone. there is no significance of hideHeaders property.

    This conclude that by simply removing the title, we can remove the...
  5. Hi skirtle,

    I am mentioning about hideHeaders property and its works only when collapsible feature is false for panel. I tried preventHeader property, it dint work for me
  6. Version Ext js 4.0
    Issue: hideHeaders property of Ext.panel.Panel is not working properly in border layout. This is the code i am using


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    Is there anything like Event Bus or Message Bus in Ext Js 4.0.

    I have a reuirement that I want to fire the event from a class 'xyz' and i want to listen in different class 'abc' .

    Pleasw help...
  8. Hi

    I am using Extjs MVC archtecture in my application and DJN for server communication. By default the Ext js Ajax request time out is 30 seconds , can we increase the time out of Ext js Ajax...
  9. I am making a single page application.
  10. Hi

    In my application , I want to show the default page after login into the application. how should i navigate from login page to default page. Please help me out.
  11. Hi
    which is the best way to define the variables in
    in config tag or in normal way?, I know that in config tag , Ext js will automatically create the getter and setter of the...
  12. can't i use the model wothout proxy..??
  13. Hi

    I am trying to use the Associations.I took the example from sencha docs and I m getting the error "url is undefined".
    Please help me out:-

    Ext.define('Category', {
  14. Hi

    Is it possible to convert the Java Beans classes to or should I convert the java beans classes into java script class? which one is better or java script class?
  15. Thanks a lot :)
  16. Is there any way to change the color of margins in border layout?35578 please see the snapshot
  17. How can i remove the title bar of panel in border layout in EXT js 4 version. Please see the snapshot

  18. Thanks for your reply.but no luck

    I am using this code

    Ext.onReady(function() {


    Ext.create('Ext.Viewport', {
  19. Hi

    I want to increase the width of the splitter used in border layout.

    which class in the css I should change to increase the width of a splitter?
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    Thanks a lot :)
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    I am using Version Ext js 4.0
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    Is there any way to customize the button (for expanding and minimizing the panel) in border layout ? please help me out.

    In some cases i want to cusomize this button and in some i...
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    Is it possible to integrate the ext js with DWR(Direct web remoting)? Please tell me the approach how I can do this integration.
  24. Thanks suryanarendra :), i will try the pagination
  25. Thanks Scott for your reply...

    I am using the Mozilla Firefox vesion 11. I haven't tried the pagination or buffered grid yet.

    I will try and let you know the results.
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