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  1. thanks for the IE9 fix!
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    Hey hendricd, do you plan on making this great extension compatible with 4.0? If yes, do you have an ETA? ;)
    thanks again for the great work on this!
  3. It seems this line:
    record.set(this.checkField, !record.get(this.checkField));
    in the onSelect method is causing the LovCombo and the floatable region to collapse, any way to get around this?
  4. Hey Saki,
    thanks for this great extension, as always!
    I'm trying to use it with the new getListParent() function for ComboBox in 3.3.0, since my LovCombo is inside a floatable Region of a...
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    Ok, I've found that the issue actually lies with Saki's LovCombo extension and the ComboBox itself. So basically the solution above works for Comobboxes, trying to find the solution for the LovCombo.
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    Yeah, me neither. Before it was hiding as soon as the mouse entered the ComboBox, that was fixed with getListParent(), but clicking a value slides in the region. Been looking for a way to prevent...
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    Ok, can't find a way around it closing when clicking on an element in the ComboBox. The documentation for getListParent() says this though:
    "Returns the element used to house this ComboBox's pop-up...
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    Hey, thanks Condor! That's almost what I needed - now the ComboBox doesn't flow over the container of course, but I'll just have to work around that... Thanks again!

    EDIT: Wait, it does, I just...
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    Well, I'm having the same problem now, and looking at the date of the last request (over 2 1/2 years ago) and nothing else turning up in the forum search, it sucks that this hasn't been adressed in...
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    hey hendricd, thanks for your continued work on this great extension!
    should RC2 be working with Ext 3 Final? I get a "with this.filterOptRe is undefined" error when i try to update to the new...
  11. going to give a try soon, just gotta find the time ;D
  12. same problem here after upgrading to 2.2.1.
    a "-" in the emailaddress doesn't validate, which it used to in 2.2
  13. hey hendricd, should your "Load Ext once, and apply it to your iframes" technique still work with Ext 2.2.1 and miframe 1.2.2? I just applied the changes to the ext-all.js file but get a "Ext is...
  14. tested in 2.2.1, so i guess it's the same in versions before.
    FF & IE
  15. hey, is there a way to set the font size for the HtmlEditor component dynamically or on creation? couldn't find anything in the docs.
    thanks in advance!
  16. Hey hendricd, i posted about this a couple of months ago, but that project has been on hold until now and is now going back into development.
    My scenario:
    I'm dynamically adding Tabs to a TabPanel...
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    thanks man, I'll take a look at this soon!
    i was always using cfJSON to return valid data for Ext. generating the right format on the server should be preferable, but if the performance of your...
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    i agree, why can't you just release the fixed version right now? if this is such an open source project, why are you locking this theme away only for paying customers?
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    very nice indeed!
    Animal is right, it's probably going to quadruple the n00b posts, but this is also a nice starting point for the veterans who can slap something together quickly and then just...
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  21. why split up the css files? just put them all on your server and the scripts will load what they need
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    the id is "offer_milestonepm020done" but you're calling "offer_milestonepm010done"
    if it's not that, it might be the FieldReadOnlyPlugin
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    yeah, Flex 1.0 was like $20,000 and way overpriced. but with the SDK now being open-source and Flex Builder costing just a few hundred dollars, it sure isn't dying. it's still the easiest way to...
  24. ok, played with it some more, but can't figure out what is causing the error in IE. the thing is, the WindowResize() function isn't even called when the error occurs. but if i remove the function,...
  25. hmm, yes, i'll have to play with this some more tommorow. thanks for your help, i'll let you know if i figure this out!
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