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  1. @moogjet,

    You're right and it's clearly a bug. Thanks for the report!
  2. JimGrimmett,

    That was EXTJS-14688.

  3. Replies

    Use AdBlock to kill the enclosing element - that's what I did and it worked like a charm. ;)

  4. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  5. You can tab to the first button and then use arrow keys to get to the other buttons in the same toolbar. This behavior is in accordance with WAI-ARIA requirements for accessible applications:...
  6. That is expected; toolbar takes care of the buttons' tabindices. Try tabbing to a button, or clicking it.

  7. Peter,

    Thanks for the explanations, I was able to reproduce this behavior. This is definitely not a feature, and the behavior is not desirable so I'm going to file a bug report for that one....
  8. FocusManager has been deprecated but not removed yet, and will be part of the framework until some time later. You can keep using it, meanwhile updating your code to work without it.

  9. Well just so you can ease your mind, I've fixed the bug yesterday and it waits to be merged for 5.0.2. Your input is always highly appreciated, so don't hesitate to bug us. Enjoy your holiday! ;)
  10. Well I can't really comment on your code behavior without seeing it; maybe that was a bug that got fixed, maybe something else.

    Try this KitchenSink example in 5.0.0:...
  11. Do you have to display both views simultaneously? Hiding a view should make all elements within it untabbable.

  12. @Peter Tierney,

    There is a bug in handling modal load masks that makes elements within a modal window untabbable. If your login form is a modal window, you may have experienced it. This one is at...
  13. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  14. Hey I never said I don't believe that there is a problem here. ;) There is in fact a bug that I found with your fiddle, so thanks for that.

  15. That must mean that the password field is disabled, or has tabindex < 0, or is otherwise untabbable. You can check the DOM and find what prevents focus from going to the password field.

  16. The new tabbing behavior is intentional; we're not trying to control where focus goes anymore, except some special cases. This is more in line with industry standard and WAI-ARIA requirements.
  17. That's what I'm saying: there's just no API for that, neither public nor private. With read operation, we're sending an object with metadata for the retrieval method; with write operations we're just...
  18. Unfortunately, there's no way to do that presently. The record data to be updated is sent as an array, and if extraParams were sent along the server side would face a very ambiguous task of...
  19. delp,

    Looking at the code I don't see anything wrong - you're extending one controller from another but are not overriding the init() method, so naturally the extended controller registers for the...
  20. delp,

    Any code samples? A fiddle, even?

  21. Replies

    The only practical reason to use formHandlers is to handle file uploads. Unfortunately you can't stuff a file into JSON, you have to submit it in a form - and without formHandler flag we...
  22. @touchy

    Sorry about the mishap, looks like I screwed up a bit with the latest fix. ;) Time to add more unit tests so that won't happen in the future...

    The fix should appear in the nightlies...
  23. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  24. The fix is going to be available in 4.2.3; it is now possible to escape the commas:

    var d ="root/I[a='abc\\,d']", resp.responseXML);

  25. This is because the Application class creation/instance creation timing has been changed. This is not a bug as it was never supposed to make the getApplication method available immediately after the...
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