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  1. Correction it is working only that the documentation is misleading.

    the font should be declared WITH double quotes like this

    textStyle: {
    fill: '#000',
    font: '18px "Times"'
  2. Correction it is working only that the documentation is misleading.

    the font should be declared WITH double quotes like this

    textStyle: {
    fill: '#000',
    font: '18px "Times"'
  3. *BUMP*
  4. Yeah I forgot that the eventObject changes in Gecko :))

    heres the updated Code

    var combo = Ext.create('Ext.form.ComboBox', {
    fieldLabel : 'Choose State',
    store :...
  5. You should do it inside initComponent() if your doing MVC

    Ext.define('TAB.view.DurationCombo', {
    extend : 'Ext.form.ComboBox',
    alias : 'widget.durationcombo',
  6. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1
    Browser versions tested against:


    Ext.draw.Text textStyle font-family property is not being respected in Internet Explorer 7/8 .
  7. Yes it is possible to add this behavior.

    But technically speaking this behaviour is added to a BoundList component which is create along with the combo box.

    Heres my working code:

  8. I want to change the font of my Text Sprite to serif.
    Im using Extjs 4.1.0

    I have the following code

    name: 'FontFamilies',
    launch: function() {
  9. If your using ExtJs 4.0.7 has a known bug regarding the LoadMask class.

    Try this override and see if it helps:

    Ext.override(Ext.LoadMask, {
    onHide: function() {
  10. I haven't been able to find where I can add defaults to my Columns so that I can add lets say flex:1 to all my columns in Sencha Architect.
  11. Did you find a solution? Im getting same error
  12. The first thing I did when I opened Sencha Designer was change the drop down to Advanced :)

    I've tried searching for "disabled" and "id" with no luck Sencha designer only has 4 configurations...
  13. I added disabled as a custom property and designer changed the tool icon to disabled in the preview. That was unexpected
  14. Ext.panel.Tool is missing configurable properties

    Sencha designer 2 build 337
  15. Filter.js is a UX (custom component) it is not loaded by default by the framework!!

    If you see the example you'll see that its located in examples/ux/grid/ you need to load those files including...
  16. It should look something like this..

    Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {

  17. I can see the Extjs4 docs pefectly clear cache and try again :)
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    Extjs 4 MVC, PHP and MySQL

    Due to constant private messages for an example of Extjs4 Php and Mysql I've started a Github account you can download the source code here
  19. Try using a templatecolumn in your grid.

    Configure your tpl to something like this

    tpl: '<tpl for="calcs">{calcname} {description} <br /> </tpl> '
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    Yeah that was it Thanks!!
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    Yeah click events are working and selected class is getting applied but not the hover class

    Heres my project...
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    No not yet...
    Even though I only have one instance of the I removed the id config and the problem still persists.

    I also generated a new project and still doesn`t seem to change the hover class.
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    First of all excelent work with Sencha Designer its going very well.

    My question is will the final version allow the user to change the color scheme for the code inspector. I preferred the dark...
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    +1 Project Inspector to the Left!!
  25. +1 Same Problem
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