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  1. Adding a scrolling function to your searchfunction solves this issue

  2. Oh how I wish all my problems were so simple. Thank you!

    I read the docs over and over but somehow I managed to miss this....
  3. Hi!

    I'm in the process of upgrading to Sencha Touch 2.2 and I've run in to an issue with the height of my list items. It seems that setting infinite to true makes the list stop adapting the height...
  4. Thanks!

    My list contains roughly 2000 items, with what I think is not a complex list item DOM (though I have little to compare it to). Since the app basically is a list and not much more,...
  5. Hi

    I can't really wrap my head around the new infinite property introduced for the list component in sencha touch 2.2. As I had understood it, the infinite list was devised for improved...
  6. Hi!
    I've made a Sencha Touch PhoneGap app (which is now live in the AppStore for iOS, Android will be ready soon).
    The basic premise of the app is a (somewhat huge) searchable list (with a couple...
  7. Hi!

    Thanks for your input!
    I was really just trying things I'd seen in other forum posts, tutorials, stack overflow, etc.

    I reverted to using a navigation view inside the slidenavigationview, ...
  8. Hi!

    I'm using Slidenavigation from -

    My default page is a listview. In the list I'm using onitemdisclosure to display detailed info on...
  9. Yes, the problem was writing the actual function.

    I posted this over at StackOverflow as well and it has now been solved:...
  10. I have dataset to be used in a list using Sencha Touch 2.1 in which most items begin with a prefix (E.g. P-, S-, CSV- etc.). Some, however, do not.
    The prefix is not relevant for sorting and...
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