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  1. In the Editable Grid Example of the Sencha GXT Explorer Demos, do the following:
    clear out the first two entries in the Name column, making them empty
    after both fields are empty and marked as...
  2. Myself and a co-worker have been investigating an issue with memory leaks in our application. Using the Developer Tools in Chrome, we've essentially come to the conclusion that the widgetMap created...
  3. I've had the same issue with DateField, TriggerField, and ComboBox. What I've found I have to do is after the setValue() call, is also call redraw( true ) and setText( getValue() ) It appears the...
  4. In the project I'm working on, we previously used the BufferView and RowNumberer with our Grid. Now we are trying to use the LiveGridView but the RowNumberer only displays values 1-15 regardless of...
  5. I have an EditorGrid where not all columns have an attached editor. When navigating the grid using the Tab key, I get a NPE. Somehow the editor is being returned as null.

    In the onEditorKey()...
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