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  1. Just try that:

    var tt = new Ext.ToolTip({
    target: averageWorkExpCombo.geEl(),
    title: 'Mouse Track',
    width: 200,
    html: 'This tip will follow the mouse while it is over...
  2. I am also facing the same problem in IE
  3. Would you like to share some code.
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    How do you people compare ExtJS with SmartClient
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    Problem is fixed just by adding the scope attribute in the handler,

    scope: this
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    this.grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel(
    store: draftTicketsStore,
    cm: new Ext.grid.ColumnModel({
    defaults: {
    //width: 120,
    sortable: true
    columns: [
    // sm,
  7. I am also getting the same problem.
    Whats the solution...??? or what am I doing wrong?
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    Ok, if its not possible then is it possible to extract data from the Pie Chart, data that shows percentages and then we could display that information in a separate area / table. Basically the...
  9. Can we place Pie Chart legends in this way:

    Or inside pie chart.
  10. Is there any events to capture next / previous buttons operations, like

    onNext , onPrevious
  11. Condor, how should I call it with correct scope? any sample code if you can provide.
  12. //In utils.js, I have a function
    this.currentUser = function( callback )
    //PHP class method called by ExtJS Direct
    var f = CMS.Direct.UserInfo.getJSON.createDelegate(null, [callback]);
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    Will this solution work for ExtJS 3.0??

    I want to reset PagingToolbar but the suggested code does not work for me, giving me javascript error:

    this.afterTextEl is undefined
  14. Thanks Animal for your reply that I have received in email but not visible here, dont know why, anyhow, in ExtJS doc for TabPabel:

    TabPanel use their header or footer element (depending on the...
  15. Can we add 'refresh' tool in TabPanel like 'close' tool??

    I want to have a 'Refresh' icon in every tab, like we have a close icon in every tab.
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    Problem has been solved through ref attribute, updated code:

    SearchEmployeePanel = new Ext.extend(Ext.Panel,
    constructor: function(conf)
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    I am creating a custom component, but when I create 2 instances of the same component in a page, both components sharing same ids (I guess) for child elements.

    var searchField;
    var frmSearch;...
  18. I can call my specified function on paging toolbar's referesh button's click by :

    grid.getBottomToolbar().refresh.on('click', resetSearch );

    But, I want to load my store with different params...
  19. Is there any reset method exist in FormPanel?

    Oh, we have to call getForm() from FormPanel, then call reset method :)
  20. Is there any event available on pressing Ext.PagingToolbar Refresh button.
  21. Thanks man, BoxComponent works....
    Btw one of the main reason to use ExtJS is a quick support :)
  22. Following code giving me error:
    c.getHeight is not a function
    ch = c.getHeight();\r\n


    var ui = Ext.namespace("cms.ui");
  23. Yup, I have just upgrade Opera from 7 to 10, its working now.
  24. Web Desktop demo included in ExtJS 3.0 is not working in Opera. I am using Opera 7.54 version. Any idea?
  25. Thanks Condor, yes its working after adding root attribute.

    Yes I know built in JSON encoder thingy.
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