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  1. Thank you for pointing that out. Though, it turns out that plugin isn't available.

    ATM, I'm using:
  2. Hi,

    I load remote JSON into an EditorGridPanel. I'd like to filter the data locally - without sending filter parameter values for columns for which I have entered filter strings into a header...
  3. Wondering if this is possible?
  4. Hoping someone has...

    I've modified the returned JSON to separate the four types of "objects" arrays. Now I should be able to check for non-null "objectsH", "objectsR", "objectsE", and "objectsS"...
  5. I'm having a hard time defining a strategy to implement the following.

    I have a grid panel that is currently displaying the following fields, as seen in the attached image.

    Columns R, E, S, and...
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