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    Thanks,, It's what I need :)
  2. Thanks Gilles, it works now. I tried to upgrade my phonegap to 1.3 and added additional code to manifest file :)

  3. Hi all..
    I've just built an application using sencha touch & phone gap. It runs well on my galaxy tab but when I rotate it to portrait or landscape, it is going crashed (no error or notification),...
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    Hmm.., I haven't got any solutions for this..
    As my alternative, I removed the toolbar bottom and I placed the button in the items config of the formPanel.
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    Hi all..

    Any solution for this?

    I'm still stuck in this case :(
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    Thanks for your reply mitchellsimoens,
    please let me know if there is any further information about it.

    Thanks :)
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    I'm also facing the same problem on galaxy tab, when I rotate it to landscape, the bottom toolbar is missing.
    Try to rotate your screen, if it appears, I think it is some kind of orientation...
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    Hi All..

    I've just built a sencha touch application, and tested it on Samsung Galaxy Tab but I'm facing a problem in loading mask. When I rotate the screen to landscape from portrait, the loading...
  9. Hi,
    Have you got solution for this?
    I'm also facing the same problem..
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    It would be easier to read your code in [code] tag.

    You can use add() method on the panel in every column you create to add items on it
  11. Hi all :)

    I have a combobox with "select" listeners and I want to set its value by using setValue() method, but why the "select" listeners doesn't work when I use setValue() ?

    Could someone...
  12. @emredagli :
    could you please tell us how to solve this problem? because I have the same problem too..

    Thanks :)
  13. Hi All...

    I'm facing a problem in editor grid panel,

    By default cell's editor in Grid Editor will appear when user clicks certain cell, or we can configure it by using clicksToEdit config.
  14. Hi All..

    I'm using GroupHeaderPlugin for my grid panel...

    But in the last column which is the default for vertical scroll bar, the colour of the column is gone..

    Here is the pict :...
  15. you could use autoCreate config, like this :

    fieldLabel: 'Address',
    height: 50,
    width: 180,
    allowBlank: false,
    name: 'addr',
  16. Try to Define your "clientStore" first before defining "clientGrid"
  17. Hi All..

    I have an editor grid panel that have some components.

    In my case, one row/record has a child (nested row) and it can be expanded.

    But I don't know how to achieve it :(

    is it...
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    Thanks Jaitsu for the reply.., I've checked it out.

    I tried autoExpandMax and autoExpandMin, but it didn't work.

    Hmm.., is there a way to achieve my needs?

    I've tried that way, but it...
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    Yes.., I've tried both config (autoExpandColumn & forceFit : true).

    But the autoExpandColumn for the first column didn't work.

    I've looked at this thread (seems He got the same problem as I...
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    Hi all..,

    I have problem in setting my width column...,

    I have a grid with dynamic columns (the first column is static) and I'm using forceFit config to true for preventing horizontal...
  21. Thanks Condor, But I still got the same Error :(

    Here is my code :

    var record = Ext.getCmp('cpt_grid').store.getAt(0)
    record.get('act_reading_nested').idrectype = 'ddd';
    record.dirty =...
  22. I'm using Ext 2.3.0

    I assign 'record' variable like this :

    var record = Ext.getCmp('cpt_grid').store.getAt(0).data
    is that a right way?

  23. I'm using Ext 2.3.0

    I assign 'record' variable like this :

    var record = Ext.getCmp('cpt_grid').store.getAt(0).data
    is that a right way?

  24. Hi Condor..,

    I have tried the code you given But I got this error :

    TypeError: record.afterEdit is not a function

    is there something wrong?

  25. Hi Condor...,

    Thanks a lot..

    anyway.., is it possible to get the dirty state (red flag, after store is edited)?

    because, in editing, I have to get the modifiedRecords before saving to the...
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