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  1. Hi,

    I m using the accordion layout from sencha from here

    I m using the following code to create an accordion -

    var panel =...
  2. Hello,

    I m developing an iphone application with phonegap and sencha touch 2, but the app is not running as fullScreen in both simulator and actual device, I have tried setting Viewport...
  3. Hello, how can I get an element of list with its index. I tried using the getAt() method, but it is returning undefined. interestingly, when I use the select Method with same index, then the...
  4. err, i m stuck again :S

    i m able to mark checkbox, but the issue is that this list is shown of a navigation view, so when user presses back , and if he comes back to this screen(list) again , then...
  5. yes, you are right, the select is returning an array of elements, I got it working with -"input",{checked:"checked"});

    now, as I defined the root element, I only...
  6. Hello, i m using a list with following template -

    <input type="checkbox" name="selectedCar" value={name}/> {name}

    and I want to check the checkbox when the list item is tapped, but I m unable...
  7. Hello,

    actually My Search Car flow is as follows-

    user sees a screen with 6 buttons,(Select Brand, Select Model,Select Price Range,Select Fuel type, Select Style, Search Button(Initially...
  8. Hello,

    I m developing a mobile app, which allows users to buy/sell cars. and both of the buy/sell functionality consists of more than 10 screens each,(giving option to select car brand, model,...
  9. Replies

    I m a newbie in Sencha , trying to make a mobile(Sencha touch 2) app with Sencha Architect 2, but I m unable to switch between top level views of my application, i have two top level...
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