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  1. Adding
    package.framework=ext to my package sencha.cfg worked for me.

    Odd that it needs this, when it's in a workspace that contains Ext.
  2. I'm migrating from Ext 4.1 to 4.2.
    The biggest barrier to this has been the migration from Sencha Cmd 3.0 and required re-structure of our codebase (specifically packages and sass).

    As part of...
  3. Have worked around this, although is still something that needs to be fixed in my view.

    Changing from an inline proxy definition to one initialised in the constructor seems to bypass the check...
  4. Hi,

    Good to know the reason behind it, so thanks for that.

    Would be nice to be able to specify a root namespace for an application then, so app could be called "Foo", but specify a prefix to be...
  5. I've tried to work around this, and kind of can by updating and a few other things.
    When come to refresh though you get a Java IllegalArgumentException stating that 0 > -1!

    What a great...
  6. Currently in the process of trying to update from Sencha Cmd 3.1 to 4.0.2, so can use Ext 4.2
    This involves two apps and two packages.

    I was getting on quite well, having for a plan for my...
  7. Hi,

    Just attempting the upgrade from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 (yes, I know 5 is out now) and notice I am going to have to 'hack' the application name again, since cannot seem to specify an application name...
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    Sounds good. So, when is 5 hitting public beta Mitch?
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    We also had trouble with layout when zooming. Ended up being more hassle than we felt it was worth so just say it's not supported too I'm afraid.
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    You can share a store easily using the storeId config, and referencing it as a string from your combobox, ensuring it's created in time.

    You can get issues if want to use the same store in...
  11. Fix what exactly?

    Suggestion 1, try linting your code..
    If it lints successfully then describe your problem in more detail...
    Try in IE9/10/11 (whatever you have access to) in IE8 mode and see...
  12. It's a shame you can't pass the file picker the extensions to filter by, like a traditional windows dialog.
    I believe the security sandboxing of browsers prevents this though, so a change handler as...
  13. Hi,

    That's quite a lot of controllers...

    Firstly, try minifying your code if you've not done so already, that'll reduce code weight considerably.

    The options from there that spring to mind...
  14. Sorry, should have posted a possible fix too.


    Ext.define('Blah.overrides.LoadMask', {
    override: 'Ext.LoadMask',

  15. My guess is that it's trying to set the zIndex using setStyle. See here:
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    So you want a huge gap after the fieldset, as if you had the height specified?

    It moves up because there is no content there.
    If you add a grid (for results, say) with a height then that'd do...
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    I've re-read your post and not sure I understand what you are asking.

    If I create a fiddle from your code and comment out the height config doesn't that give you what you want?...
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    Try using dockedItems instead of fbar?
  19. Well no, it's a simpler selector following by an additional, smaller component query, and the function calls associated with it.
    I'd expect it to be slower, but who knows?!
  20. Hmm, hardly conclusive is it?

    I suppose, for completeness, you need to include a test that grabs something higher up and "downs" though.
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    It's not the companies with the legacy browsers that have to upgrade their versions of Ext from 3/4 to 5, it's the companies writing the products that they use that would be doing that, or not as the...
  22. By multi-page do you mean multiple HTML files, each with an application, or a single HTML with multiple application "pages" managed via a viewport with a card layout, say?
    The latter is what you...
  23. For what it's worth, I think refs are cached once they are evaluated, so my guess is having one for each button, rather than a toolbar then "downing" would be higher performance.
    I have no proof of...
  24. Good question, be interested to hear the results.

    Might be worth trying to knock something up on jsperf to validate and measure different approachs?
    Bet the results are different across...
  25. Is Java heap space still an issue at times?
    Could be that you've started hitting that limit...
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