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  1. Has anyone wrapped a standard HTML SELECT to offer a simple combobox as an Ext component?
  2. Hello,
    I have the tree node data in a data store and i don't want to make trips to the server everytime a node is expanded. I have a filter function on my store which returns records which i'd like...
  3. Hello,
    I need to add child nodes to a tree control dynamically- which event should i subscribe to and add child nodes from? - i was thinking 'click'... but there are others more tree specific....
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    There is an 8 bit 18x4312 gif image which looks to contain pieces of buttons... Do I have to copy this image and then edit the palette of the gif to 'color' my buttons?

    Is there a particular tool...
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    ok- so my css knowledge is worse than my javascript ;) and i've already created a single-pixel gif image with the color i want for the button. I'm guessing that is the first step.

    Now i want to...
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    Is this still the case with ext 3?
    I'm looking to change the color of a toggle button-group so that the untoggled buttons are one color and the toggled button is different. Tried to do this by...
  7. I believe that there is a bug with the line:

    var tpl = typeof Ext.isObject(this.tpl) ? this.tpl : new Ext.XTemplate(this.tpl);

    I don't think there should be a typeof before the...
  8. Originally, I thought I'd extend the Ext.grid.Column, create a plugin, and register my own xtype to create an GridImageColumn...

    The setConfig method of ColumnModel barfs, because it wants a...
  9. !
  10. I have a table layout which contains 2 columns x 2 rows... right now the cells are sized to contain their panel. I want the 4 cells to fill the available space (all the same size).

    I can probably...
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    I'm attempting to use the Repeat property of the Button control.
    I set Repeat to true and define a button handler.

    I receive a 'function expected' error message from the first line of the Button...
  12. Thanks for your response.
  13. (sorry originally posted to the 2.x forum).

    I'm working with the HBox and VBox layouts. These layouts support a 'flex' property which operates (as far as I can tell) in conjunction with a 'flex'...
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    I'm working with the HBox and VBox layouts... and it looks like the 'flex' property on these layouts works with a relative 'flex' property that may (or may not) be on the components which are...
  15. Similar to the way Ext.History is a singleton... I have a component that (when the js file is included) represents a 'globally' available single instance (think cache, etc.) that is expected to be...
  16. I'm working on a plugin component which utilizes Ext.extend. I would like this component to be a singleton. How would I do this for the example below? (my javascript knowlege is still evolving!)
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    So i want to replace existing Ext.Component functionality, given a certain condition- otherwise use the default ext behavior. (see below)

    Ext.override(Ext.Component, {
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    I see what you are saying about Ext.Override- however what I need to do is "substitute" my 'base' functionality for this method in Ext.Component (and all derived) controls before anything is rendered...
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    I'm interested in overriding the setVisible method that is part of Ext.Component for every control that derives from Ext.Component. Do I do this with a plugin? I imagine it might be with...
  20. i knew something like this was in there... just hadn't found it.
  21. Hello,
    I have JSON-formatted data which is in the browser (from a previous ajax request) that i'd like to bind to panel's controls. It looks like the 'load' method on the panel wants to make an ajax...
  22. When extending an extjs class using Ext.extend, there is syntax in the documentation that indicates you define additional methods as
    yourMethod: function() {}
    Are these methods available 'publicly'...
  23. Hello,
    I'm not well versed in CSS or JQuery-like operations. I've written recursive procedural code which finds all ExtJs controls on a page with a certain fieldClass (fieldClass === "x-form-field")...
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    I should have mentioned- i tried 'check' as well... i'm still not 'receiving' any events.
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    I'm surprised i haven't figured this out yet... however any help in defining a handler that responds to radiobutton click changes would be helpful. Specifically, I'd like to know the 'name' or some...
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