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  1. Hello folks,

    I used the grouping store on the date field for the grid and it is working correct.
    But I have requirement like,

    Grid records should be in collapsed group state by default, user...
  2. Hi folks,

    I just used the Content panels in card layout. When I activates or reactivates ( calls setActive method of card layout), I need panel to be reset or all it's variable value to be reset....
  3. Thank you Ersmarkar, It worked.
  4. Hello guys,

    I developed app using GXT 2.2.0 and GWT 2.1.0. It is working well with this combination.
    But when i updated the GWT to 2.2.0, It failed to compile.

    Are these GXT and GWT versions...
  5. Thank you sven for quick reply.
  6. Hello folks,

    I want to know the about combo box component. Is there any combo box with multiple select? Or can we add
    check boxes in the combo box fields.

    I want to know about that because I...
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    Hi sven,

    I am newbie here at gxt, I somewhat understood your suggestion

    I tried to implement as you suggested but it is not working for me?

    I added the code on selection change event of...
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    Hello sven,

    Sorry, I posted the partial code at above message by mistake earlier.
    I just edited my earlier message.

    You can see server code, I am adding the officers in the departments , I...
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    Hello friends,

    I am trying to populate tree using bean model.
    I am able to populate parent nodes of the tree but not able to add the children to parent node.
    How should i add the children to...
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    Thanks sven. Is there any chances to add 'file open' and 'file save as dialogs' in future versions ?
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    Hi folks,

    I want to get the complete path of file selected by user.
    How should i open the file dialog as follows.


    I want to open the dialog onclick event of any button or browse...
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    Thank you sven for your quick reply.
    that worked for me, thanks a lot.
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    Hello guys,

    I am not able to set the default value to the combobox populated by rpc call.
    As this issue is been discussed many times in the forum, I tried all the solutions mentioned
    in the...
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