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  1. I see the changes, and that can just help. But it still a pain to work with the lifecycle this still has.

    Mainly, when config is called, like 'setValue' on the widget, it still has no idea which...
  2. Ext.Img is overriding style config when using glyph. This has the huge consequence that we cannot control glyph color and other variant. That make pretty much Ext.Img useless for my usage.

  3. Is you comment is saying the same thing that: "The model need to declare which field is the primary key"?
  4. It's happening with only slightly modified version of API Doc!/api/Ext.layout.container.BorderExtract:

    The behavior is different if you expand using the top...
  5. How you add the existing session using that API ->!/api/

    Can I just do:

    session: 'default'
  6. Sencha replied as a ticket response with the following:
  8. You can reproduce with official Sencha examples, try to drag vertical scrollbar just after opening a combobox.

    Please add UI...
  9. If it's the case, the header of that thread should say that bug EXTJS-14613 have been fixed.

    It's not even listed at or...
  10. Ok, I thought if I used config construct, which is already generating code, like getter and setter, that could have work. Maybe that use case look rare because it's a class that doesn't extends a...
  11. I have this super simple example that is useful for binding testing.

    It has many bugs:
    1- The radio box should be already selected because state is...
  12. I read a config.json. It's representing all the dynamic configs set by the deployment script.

    Something like:

    webAPIUrl: '',
    defaultUser: 'guest'
  13. Events -> Records not working most of the time, like with this example ->
  14. I think this was an interesting case showing binding is fragile. Too bad Sencha doesn't use it as a test case to make the framework more resilient.
  15. You can reproduce with the following zip:


    Extract to any folder, keeping the folder structure
    Go to...
  16. If you open this example then:
    1- Click on category limit tab, you will see it takes the all height, even if its height is 100
    2- Collapse the panel and...
  17. It needs updates to work on Ext JS 5.
  18. This return an id:


    But this return undefined

  19. Replies
    If you open in own window, then execute:


    You will find the element, which is the body, but if you...
  20. I have a popup window doing some animation. When I close the popup window and the animations were not done, that generates a ton of error messages in the browser console, then future animations...
  21. - Recently we see more answers to questions in forum not premium.
    - If I have a important question about Sencha Cmd, I have no premium forum for it.
    - If I post a question in a premium forum,...
  22. When I try this, I got:

    PS C:\Projects\platformscExtJS5\ext> sencha ant js
    Sencha Cmd v5.0.1.231
    [INF] Concatenating output to file C:\Projects\platformscExtJS5\ext\bootstrap-manifest.js...
  23. The following scenario is less confusing:
    - Click both the filtered tabs, "The Adults" and "The Gray Hairs", and notice that first row has a person called Fred
    - Then go to "All People" tab and...
  24. We have follow instruction closely given at

    Instead of creating a custom UI for a panel, we did it for tab.

    Then when...
  25. So what is the solution for "WARNING: @theme-background-image: Theme image not found", I found over 5 threads in the forum and they are all dead without any solution of any kind.
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