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  1. yep: if I open the app with Safari Mobile on iPhone5 it works fine. In Safari there is an icon on the bottom where I can add the website (or app in my case) to the home screen. If the website (or app...
  2. Hi all

    I have an ST2.1 test-app with a controller which is listening to button clicks on a panel. In the fullscreen mode nothing happens if I click on a button. I guess the controller don't get...
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    oh ok, I will check this out then... Thank you!
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    yes it is but there's no thread for ST2 Charts (probably because it's still beta) so I posted it here...
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    I'm not able to change the colors for my pie chart (pic attached). I already tried a few things but nothing worked so far. Would be great if someone could point me in the right direction....
  6. Thank you so much, that solved it!
  7. Hi all

    I'm currently learning sencha touch. Here is what I've done so far:
    I've the problem that none of the buttons are clickable if I push the detail view to the Navigation...
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    Hi all
    I wanted to test SenchaArchitect with a simple App.
    I want to read data from a simple, external xml file that looks like this:

    <value1>some value</value1>
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