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  1. But the original workaround doesn't work, and my proposed solution also causes my app to throw an exception on startup (I tried debugging it and couldn't understand the reason. It wasn't thrown from...
  2. I am having the same problem in Sencha Touch 2.1
    Are there any plans on merging the fix to the Touch release as well?
  3. The workaround posted earlier does not really work well. Calling the mergeFn on an two arrays will not merge them properly. It should use the Ext.Array.merge function instead.

    I made these...
  4. Once a user taps a text field and then holds, the iphone's magnifier appears. When the user moves finger outside of the text field area - the keyboard and magnifier disappear. This is different from...
  5. I am using the loadData with 'false' for the append parameter.
    I was expecting it to clear all the data from the store, but apparently it does not clear/delete the snapshot, so a later call to...
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