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  1. I am doing the validation inside datepicker - change listener only. I think I got the problem, I should not popup the message box inside change listener. I should do it inside datepicker hide...
  2. I want to mask the body while message box is showed. This Message box is little different than other. It validates two datepicker field (like start date and end date). If start date > end date, I...
  3. @Milton,
    It didn't work for me as well.
    Is there anyway I can attach a handler like (afterrender, aftershow, show) to the Ext.messagebox ? If yes, any hint is really appreciate.

    I tried to...
  4. How we can handle the mask? Any hint would be great help.
  5. Need some help to save Ext.Store data in localstorage which connects to extrenal system (using rest webservice api).
  6. What is the right way of manage form field label width?

    I am developing an iPad application where it require lot of dynamic forms (depend on the data model). Some of the labels are big for iPad...
  7. I want to build a dynamic form with column layout. Form fields should display in multiple columns (should be dynamic) .

    I got a work around (having multiple container in a form panel and making...
  8. Like iPad's native style date picker, is it possible to make SenchaTouch DatePicker month/day field to cyclic. What I mean, scrolling the month should continue like nov, dec, jan, feb... instead of...
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