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    Hi mankz,

    I didnt have a chance to test these on version 4.2. I am using version 4.0.7. There are a lot of custom changes so i cannot upgrade it to newer versions for now.

    By the way, in order...
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    Huge thanks for that.

    I still could not understand why fundamental features like locking,multi grouping,grouping with locking are not working properly in ExtJS 4.
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    Hi da_bar,

    Thanks for this useful plugin.Actually it should be added in ExtJS ComboBox component in next versions.
    Here are some changes that I made to work the component fine with my ExtJS...
  4. Hi,
    First of all, thanks for this awesome plugin. I just needed such a limit line and now the chart looks like a real KPI Gauge. Btw i found a bug but it may also related with my Ext.JS version...
  5. Very nice feature. Can we also give an id to component and after rendering to body,appendchild to that div using id with getelementbyid.
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    You can add a column for these icons and create a renderer which push div to each column. İn this div you can add as many icons as you want. These icons have click event and you can create your logic...
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    Can you draw a picture of the grid that you want build? (icon location, columns etc)
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    Hi all,

    I know it is an old thread but there can be some people that suffers from same problem.Since it is a bit tricky, i provided a link that explains how to manage drag-drop operation between a...
  9. I just realized that you are using configuration object for contentPanel.

    Instead of using contentPanel = {...}; do contentPanel = Ext.create('Ex.panel.Panel',{...});
    I didnot have a chance to...
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    As a last resort you may want to create your grid panel whenever its tab is selected. In order to do that, you need to push standard panels(not grid panel) into your main tab panel. Then catch tab...
  11. If i understand correctly, you want to push a subpanel into your center panel. mnContainer.add(Ext.getCmp('absolute-panel')); or Ext.getCmp('mnContainer').add(Ext.getCmp('absolute-panel')) will put...
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    I thing you can use gridpanel columns -> items or columns itself for this purpose.(in some examples columns:{items:[] } is used instead of columns:[])

    Each column item has a width property. After...
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    By the way, if you use ext.create and provide an id. you can call Ext.getCmp(id) and also other useful methods related with ext component before calling your main panel which render everything to...
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    I thing you have two options:
    1)If you want to keep your grid, and apply a filter according to tab selected:

    First initialize your grid store
    Then add a listener that is called whenever a tab is...
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    I thing loading data into treestore is a bit different than store. You can try the following solution.
    1)In treestore config add clearOnLoad : false in config.
    2)If you want to clear all items,...
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    There was a different approach when clearing a treestore. You may need to add the following properties into your treestore:
    set clearOnLoad = false

    To clear your treestore, instead of removeAll...
  17. Thanks for the answer. I missed to point that columns can be object.

    I thing, i also found another way for my first question.
    mygrid.headerCt.onHeaderClick is called whenever a column header is...
  18. Hi all,

    I have three questions about gridpanel column header events:

    1)I try to call a function whenever a column header is clicked. In the previous version of ExtJS, there was headerclick...
  19. Hello guys,

    I am using on demand tree loading in my treepanel. However, in some cases, there are a huge amount of tree nodes(at least 300) coming from JSON in one level when i expand the folder. I...
  20. Thanks for the responses. AnimCollapse seems to the solution. I hope new patch will fix the issue
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    You saved my day. Thank you, it is working. The minor bugs that i found so far:
    1)When grouping field is selected via column context menu. Multi grouping disables.
    2)Instead of showing sub...
  22. Hi Everyone,

    In the following link, I tried to explain how to configure my WCF service in order to call it from an Ext JS application.
    I explained how to use webhttpbinding,cross-domain calls and...
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