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  1. No one to light on this issue?
    Please let me know if anybody have any solution or workaround to achieve.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Yes..I am using 3.4 so have to create custom node UI and I did but facing issues.

    1. In Treepanel, I have kept root node invisible by setting rootVisible:false. If am not applying Custom treenode...
  3. Any comment on my above post?
  4. Yes..I am using 3.4 so have to create custom node UI and I did but facing issues.

    1. In Treepanel, I have kept root node invisible by setting rootVisible:false. If am not applying Custom treenode...
  5. Thanks for your reply.

    But in the Checkbox TreePanel example of Sencha, they are not using any custom TreeNodeUI but still get order of icon and checkbox as per my expectation i.e first checkbox...
  6. Hi,

    In application, I have used Checkbox TreePanel and set Custom icon if each node.
    My problem is, in each node checkbox comes after custom Icon. I want checkbox first then custom Icon.

  7. I tried the same but still not working in FF. Any possible cause can you guess?
  8. Hi,
    In my Grid there are many rows with vertical scroll bar. What I want is when grid load and row is selected which is not visible (have to scroll to view) should be selected and automatically...
  9. I am fancing an issue. I have rendered ExtJS 4.0 charts in ExtJS 3 application using sandbox. But I am not getting chart displayed in IE. It works fine in FF and Chrome.

    I have put tooltip on...
  10. I am using sandbox to use ExtJS 4 and ExtJS 3 in one application.

    Can I render ExtJS 4.0 charts into the ExtJS 3.0 window or panel? or I have to use ExtJS 4's window or panel for it.
  11. Thanks a ton for such a quick response.
    I visited the demo site you mentioned but didnt found any code.
    Can you guide me for sample code?

  12. Hi,

    My application has been developed using ExtJS 3.0. In application, I want to use charts of ExtJS 4.0 but don't want to fully migrate to ExtJS 4.0.

    Is it possible to use chart of ExtJS 4.0...
  13. Hi,

    I have developed application using ExtJS 3.0 now it becomes very large application so hard to migrate to ExtJS 4.

    We are using FusionChart in application but I want to use ExtJS 4 charts in...
  14. I am using FusionChart in application and UI developed on ExtJS. I don't know it is problem of FusionChart or ExtJS but getting problem when change tab panel.

    So, guide me accordingly. Give me the...
  15. I am facing this issue only in IE. I explain you actual scenario.

    In my application, there are two tabs in tab panel. I have chart in second panel with drill down utility. I have used fusion...
  16. Hi,

    Can anybody guide me how to change color of progressbar at run time?
  17. Thanks buddy for your reply.
    Can you give me any code snippet for it?
    It would be appreciated as I dont have much time for R&D so can get idea from code.

  18. Thanks a ton for your reply.

    I want to use it with Ext.Ajax.request only and want to hit POST request to server.
    Can you give me idea how to do that using ScriptTagProxy?
  19. I found the issue that is is due to Same Origin Policy. But how to get rid of it in ExtJS?
    Can anybody give workaround for above code?
  20. Hi,

    I want to make Ajax call on different server resides on different IP. I am using below code but it is not firing any request.

    I have deployed application on xx.xx.xx.xx IP. I want to call...
  21. Hi

    In my application, I want to put Progressbar in TreeNode in TreePanel.
    Can anyone give me idea?

  22. Nobody? Any type of hint would be appreciated...
  23. I have developed big application using ExtJS 3.x with numbers of pop up with Grid and Panel and lots more components. I have set width and height of each panel, components, window, Grid (all...
  24. It would be fine if cannot provide complete program or example. Any code hint would be fine.
  25. I want Ext.button.button
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