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  1. Here is a Fiddle to test the sample. It works for Ext JS 5.0.1

    For Ext JS 5.1.0 there is an issue where the parent/root node vanishes after rejecting the...
  2. Hello all,

    Just a note for Ext JS 5.0.1 (not tested 5.1.0 yet, but it should hopefully work there too). I had to make a slight modification to get rejectChanges() to work for TreeStore.

    I keep...
  3. Thanks for the solution of animate:false.

    I am still finding this as an issue in the latest Ext JS 4.x

    It is a shame to turn off tree animations, so I tried to adapt your JS Fiddle example to...
  4. Prior to Ext JS when you mouse over a tree node, the mouse cursor would become a hand (or pointer in CSS terms) rather than the default mouse pointer.

    Ext version tested:

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    Thanks for this useful functionality. I created a refactored version to work as a plugin rather than a subclass, as that would be useful for me in many scenarios. Hope it is of use for others?...
  6. Hi Evan,

    Just a couple of comments/questions:

    1) The issue is marked as "Looks like we can't reproduce the issue or there's a problem in the test case provided." but I just ran the example and...
  7. Because we are talking about local filtering with remote data then the proxy can only send the total count it knows about - which is the server total count, which is correct.

    To clarify,
  8. Also, the desired behaviour described by Daniil is working in 3.4, so it looks like the behaviour has changed in 4.0, and does feel like a bug:
  9. Thanks for the workaround. This is kind of a major problem for us at the moment if we are to upgrade our software to 4.1.

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.0

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 18
  11. One possible workaround for the time being is perhaps this CSS?

    .x-btn-over .x-btn-split-bottom {

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    That's a nice snippet Animal. One thing I noticed is that once the animation has finished, if you resize the window (e.g. make it smaller) the shadow stays where it is, and resizing the height is...
  13. Hi,

    This following script shows ellipses for long titles in tabs for IE6 and IE7. For other more modern browsers that support text-overflow:ellipsis (i.e. not Firefox) it doesn't work.

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    An answer is provided here (though based on Ext.Net which is a .NET server side framework that emits ExtJs). But there's a JavaScript snippet there to do the double click and rename the tab. Works...
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    Hi, I'm looking to do the exact same thing! I couldn't see a double click event (may have missed it), but the closest I found (not tried it yet) is this:
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    Just wondering if there's any update for this?

  17. Just to add that I'm finding the same problem in Ext JS 3.3, and applying the above CSS works in my scenario, too.

    For the moment, I have done this:

    .ext-webkit .x-window-dlg .ext-mb-text {
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    Did you figure out how to open in the future date without having to use setValue()?

    I need similar functionality, too.

  19. Thanks. If it helps, I too had the same problem, and also use jslint to find that extra comma in an object literal that only affects IE...
  20. Well, I got one step further with handling tabbing and pressing "enter" to activate the tab, but it feels like a hack because I had to rely on undocumented internals of how the tabpanel works:

  21. Hi,

    I have tried to use Tab/Shift Tab for the Tab Panel on both Ext JS 2.2 and the recent Ext JS 3.0 RC 1 examples, and they don't work -- at least I don't visually see any indication of the tab I...
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