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  1. Awesome! I'll try this soon that i can!
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    not sure with is a sencha cmd or an extjs question.

    I've searched without success, how to use overrides, i need to create more properties on GMapPanel, i created a override in...
  4. Solved,Need to edit app.json and require Ext.Locale and then put this line in .sencha/app/sencha.cfg "app.locale=es"
  5. up ~o)~o)
  6. up ~o)~o)
  7. I've tried to load on my Application.js and then do a build but with no success.


  8. Hello!

    I need to use the locale package in ext.


    "name": "MyApp",
  9. It's kind of strange re-build the app, but if is necessary..

    Thank you !
  10. Thank you!!!

    But, just for I understand, why the dev folder depends the build, the build folder is not only the final production?

    The sencha app refresh should not be the solution?

  11. Now works, but I needed to upload the production folder too, the dev folder depends the build folder to work correctly?
  12. No success,

    I'm using ext-all.css and I'm working remote, I do the build local and then I sync with the remote server.

  13. Hello!

    I'm using ExtJS with MVC and when I call a grid view is rendering like in the image, with no css, no headers, no style.

    View List.js

    Ext.define("MyApp.view.List", {
  14. Hello!!I'm using sencha CMD with ExtJS 4.2.1, I generated an application but is to slow to load in dev and in production, in dev take 27s to load every time i refresh the page.I'm using ext-all.js in...
  15. Hello!

    I'm creating a package named 'common', in this package i will put icons images and a sass code to build the icon classes.

    I'm putting the images in common/resources/images/16x16/icon.png...
  16. I'm having the same problem, i'm trying to add some custom css for tooblar icons.


    "name": "MyApp",

    "requires": [
  17. Hello!

    I need to use only the DirectionsRequest services of google maps, without showing the map, anyone knows a way to do that?

    There's a way to integrate with Ext?

    I've tried to do this:
  18. Have another problem now, can i get the selected row record in this action?
  19. Worked with lowercaseactioncolumn[action=delete]
  20. I've tried this code in init function but not worked


    'list actionColumn[action=delete]': {
    click: this.delete
  21. but I believe that should be a way to get this actioncolumn with the component query, like the way we use to get the button 'button[action=save]'.
  22. Hello!

    How can i get grid actioncolumn with this.control function in my controller?
    i've created a fireEvent on the handler of the actioncolumn but i'm not sure if is the right way...

  23. I resolved this problem by adding the component script directly in the page's head.

    Thanks! ~o)
  24. Hello!

    I'm having a problem with rowexpander plugin, i'm getting error in chrome and firefox, this error occurs when the grid is called.


    Here is the code
  25. up! ~o)
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