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  1. Are there any particular reason why a node in the tree is selected but not highlighted?
    I selected a node using tree.getTreeSelectionModel().select(dto, false), and although its not highlighted on...
  2. At times there's no NullPointerException, but the node just won't get expanded
  3. I realised that at times when I call tree.setExpanded(model, true), the node does not get expanded. So I checked the state of it using tree.isExpanded(model) and it throws NullPointerException.
  4. Digging out an old thread.

    I managed to use IconProvider to display a different icon for various tree nodes. Is there a way to set a different open and close icon for the various tree nodes type?
  5. My grid has a button on each row which deletes the row upon clicking, but when the button was clicked, the row was also selected, which ends up performing the onRowClick(..) method. How can I...
  6. So much easier to change the font size of text in a grid. Will try it on listview again when I'm done with some other stuff.
  7. I don't get the runnable sample part.

    What I wanted to do is to change the font/sizes of the text in the listview, its seems rather complicated to get it done.
  8. Hi all

    I am trying to change the row height and font size of my ListView via css but the new style is just not reflected. Could anyone point me to what could be wrong?

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    Is it possible to disable a checkbox in a checkbox grid? Or simply just not to display it?
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    Got it! Thank you. I kept diving into "focus" methods
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    Any way to set focus to a tree node programmatically?
  12. I have tree view that displays Folders and grid view that displays Files, where the files resides in the folders. How can I allow drag and drop of the files into the folders, but this can only be...
  13. Any help on this? I'm trying to prevent this too, just that I only have 1 root.
  14. Not sure if it is because the nodes were added to the store with the add(p, c) during initiation, instead of addSubTree when it was created. So when the first addSubTree was called, the...
  15. Alright. It works after I start the index from 0. :)
    May I know why is that the case since it is an existing non-empty tree?
  16. Thanks for you reply :)
    I'm using DnD at the same time wishes to allow the tree nodes to be moved "manually".

    I did try using store.addSubTree, but it gave me IndexOutOfBoundException which I am...
  17. I have a tree which I want to move the nodes from one folder to another manually. However, it seems to appear to moved successfully on the screen, but not updated in the store/tree. Although this can...
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