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    Typical - trying to do a testcase - and its working perfectly in sencha fiddle..

    I'll start hacking at my real code to see if I can get that working (so I can see whats breaking it)
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    Hi - I've got an issue with the Scroller overflow.
    In chrome and IE - it works fine.
    In Firefox though - at certain zoom levels (including the default 100% for me) - it gives :

    Where you...
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    On a chart - is there any simple way of marking (with a line/label) some "thing" significant.

    Maybe - if the axis was a date - then the date some particular event started/finished etc.
    Or - for...
  4. Ignore me..Adding dock:'bottom' does the job
  5. Hi - is it possible to make the "summary" row in a grid non-moving (ie look & feel like the headers) - so that its always visible when scrolling up and down ?

    I've created a short example :
  6. Excellent :)

    I thought I'd already tried that - but that seems to do the job nicely !
  7. I've finally tracked down an issue on grids where I want to save the state (column sizes etc)

    It seems unless you use "id" for the columns - each time the grid loads - the headers have a...
  8. I can see the second parameter to this is whether to redraw immediately.

    What if I want to do a bunch of changes to a bunch of objects - so I set this to false, how do I then trigger the redraw of...
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    I tried using this - but got into some syntax errors when it was used within Visual Studio.

    Is it possible to get some instructions for trying this out from the command line ?
    (Windows or...
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    Example code :

    Tab reordering doesn't seem to work when there are a lot of tabs
    (I dont know the correct way to reference "ux" files within sencha fiddle -...
  11. The app I'm on about is just the default initial app created by "sencha cmd" as per the instructions in!/guide/accessibility

    just follow that guide under...
  12. Ok - using the

    sencha config -p skip.slice=1 then app build

    gets the test app built :)

    If I edit the sample app/view/Main.js and add a "closable:true" - ie - it looks like :
  13. That doesnt seem set up for ARIA/Accessibility..
    I did try to follow the instructions to generate a test app using the instructions :!/guide/accessibility

  14. I'm not calling ariaUpdate - this is code from the ext-aria-dev.js file - which is sencha code.

    In fact - i'm not calling any aria specific code - just including the required .css and...
  15. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong - because I'm getting a few of these - eg:

    Line 2988 -

    middleButton = me.middleBtnEl.down('[role=button]'); ...
  16. Could you not do something like :

    var totalStoresExpected=3;
    var loaded=0;

    var callBackCounter=function() {
    if (loaded==totalStoresExpected) {
  17. Dont know if it helps - but almost all of my IE problems come from one of two issues :

    1) Extra ',' at the end of arrays/objects...
    var a=[1,2,3,];
    var b={a:1,b:2,};

    2) using...
  18. TypeError: toolBtn is null
    Line 1703

    me.ariaUpdate(toolBtn.getEl(), { 'aria-label': me.closeText });

    Is what is...
  19. I'm using 4.2.2 - followed instructions for adding ARIA accessibility - but getting a javascript error around line 1700 of "ext-aria-dev.js":

    if (me.closable) {
    toolBtn =...
  20. I think I've managed to do a toFront for overlapping components - I just needed to re-add the component back to the panel


    and that did the trick..

    (I can live...
  21. Test Case
    JS Fiddle

    Sure I'm doing something silly.
    I want to be able to toggle the border on a panel - I can do


    to turn...
  22. I realise that toFront and toBack only work with floating components - but if I have an "absolute" layout panel
    and allow users to dynamically add new controls - I could do with being able to change...
  23. I dont think they take into account the scrolling - so if a control is halfway down the page, but you scroll it to the top - you get a small "Y" value (For example)

    I ended up caching the values...
  24. Is there anyway of getting the current relative position of a field within a panel ?
    I've tried several functions - but they all seem to get confused of the panel is scrolled..

    What I'm trying to...
  25. Think I've got it now..

    I was using a model - and for some reason needed to explicitly add "expanded:false" to all nodes send back using that model.

    I assumed it defaulted to false (docs say...
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