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  1. The problem: I have an application where I am setting theme colors in SASS which is perfect. The problem is, I need these same colors to apply to charts that are child components of the themed...
  2. I know this is an old post - but this might be helpful. If you want to use the checkbox model and the row editing in a grid, all you need to do is in your RowEditing plugin, make clicksToEdit:2. ...
  3. That's the only time I could reproduce the problem. It never happened when I went to a tab or other panel that was a part of the sencha touch framework.
  4. I'm posting this for anyone else who might have had the same type problems I have. I literally spent nearly 3 days trying to find and fix this issue. So let me try and paint the picture here.

  5. I figured out what the problem was. If you have more than one panel with fullscreen:true in your application, you run the risk of your carousel controls stacking on top of each other at the bottom...
  6. Pseudo code:

    new Ext.Panel({
    new Ext.Carousel({items:[a,b,c]}),
    new Ext.Carousel({items:[a,b,c]}),
  7. So I've now got another problem. I basically have the following situation - I have a panel that's a card layout, and in that panel I have multiple carousel items. The problem that I'm having is the...
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    Did you guys ever figure out what it was? I'm in the process of trying to update a 1.1.x app to 2.0 beta 4 and I'm having exactly the same problem. I got rid of all the errors, warnings, etc. Now,...
  9. So the solution is to set a style on the body of the carousel container like this:

    new Ext.Carousel({
  10. Hello,

    I've actually got two different areas where this is happening and I've tried to find ways around it. The first place where I see this happening is on a panel where I have a Grid control...
  11. Not sure if this was really classified as a bug so I put it in the Q&A section under this link:

    Essentially I...
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    Hello everyone,

    I'm going to share a problem/solution I found that literally caused me at least a day's worth of heartache. I am using the association model for nested data sets so that I can...
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    Fantastic solution.

  14. To describe the problem:

    I have a formpanel that is hidden and shown when certain actions are taken on my page. When the formpanel is shown, I do a doLayout() to ensure that it's rendered...
  15. I know I've seen others with this same problem, and I believe I've found the solution to the bug.

    Description of the Problem:
    In a gridpanel that was set to remoteSort=true and referenced a...
  16. FYI - I found another situation that can cause this to occur. I was adding a grid to an items collection of a panel and at the same time I had the html property set to a value. By getting rid of...
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