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  1. Hi.

    If you set a DateField format to 'W' (Number of the week) and select a date in the DatePicker, it will show the right number in the datefield, but as soon as you change the focus, it will...
  2. Hi,

    looking at the fonts I found this:

    totalAngle: Math.PI /2

    All I did was add this property at my Architect to 'totalAngle: Math.PI' and its done. A 180 degrees gauge :)
  3. All i want is to add a Property called listeners as an array, and inside this property add
    'deactivate': function{
  4. I just noticed that this is something that occurs in every object.

    I added a Event Biding -> Basic Event Biding -> Itemdoubletap into a ListView. I added an alert on its function, and nothing...
  5. 38794Like the image below? I tried that and nothing happens :(
  6. So I should see an alert when the child panel is activated, right?

    Thats is the problem :) Its not happening.
  7. As you can see on my Print Screen, i added the Basic Event to my child panel, but the listener is added to the parent panel, using a delegate option.

    All i want to do is add the listener...
  8. 38793
  9. All i want to do add a listener in a child panel?

    I have always done this manually, but since I'm using the IDE i cant do that.
  10. Yes I did, here goes my code below:

    listeners: [
    fn: 'change',
    event: 'activeitemchange',
  11. I will post the code to make it easier to understand:

    this is the listener created by the architect :

    listeners: [
    fn: 'leave',
  12. Hi,

    Im used to add events manually into the code and they always works, but since im using Sencha Archtect i would like a tip addins events into my form.

    Im adding an Event Biding - Basic...
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    Thanks for the help, Mitchel.

    I found out that the problem wasnt really the store, but the style.
    Now you have to specify the style of the series.

    I Just added the style from the example and...
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    Hy Mitchel, i tried to lock into the examples folder, and there is no Charts there.

    At the 2.1.0b2 docs thats all what i found:

    series: [{

    type: 'column', axis: 'left', listeners: { ...
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    I will, thank you
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    Hi i have this code working on ST 2.0 + Chart 2.0B but its not showing any columsn with ST2.1 beta.

    Ext.define('WapMobile.view.override.GraficoFatEvolFat', {
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    Thanks for the tip. I will give a try today and will give a feedback for whoever is also tro figure it out.
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    Can you drop an example of using touch charts with override please?
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    Me too. Im trying to use touch charts and I just can´t figure it out;
  20. Still nothing...
  21. Well, i cant define the field PREVISAO as 'undefined' (i can pass it as a string, but not as a value).

    This is my PHP code:

    if ($x == 31)
    @$previsao = ($totalfat / $diasfaturados) *...
  22. Got it.

    I will change the null values do undefined inside the php (who delivers the ajax response to the store) and see what happens.

    I will reply with the result. Thank you.
  23. Im pretty sure the Value is NULL.

    I got this info from the console from chrome (PREVISAO is the item that shouldn´t be showing in the graphic, and its shown as ZERO). As you can see i have 31...
  24. I tryed that and i noticed that ExtJS assumes ZERO when the value in the store is NULL, and the chart is populated all the way with zeros until the point i want to show.
  25. Hi,

    I have a chart with 4 Series (3 lines and a column).

    My X Axy is a day of the month timeline and I would like to show only the last value of the 3 line serie (the other values are nill in...
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