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  1. Tabbing between fields is completely broken in the nightly btw (in IE10).
    It just jumps to the address bar.
  2. Ok, yeah. the issue appears to have gone away in 5.0.1

    I can't perform a successful build with it though, can't build our core package (com.sencha.exceptions.ExProcess: compass process exited with...
  3. Will grab it and have a look.

    Is there another release of Ext 5 planned any time soon?
    Not comfortable using a nightly build unless I really have to, although suppose it may give a clue for a...
  4. Hard to explain, far easier to show.

    Please, go and have a look at this fiddle.

    * Singleton class that I'm going to use to generate two stores with enough data.
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    Ahh, I have an issue raised to look at this, since am getting zero back for some nullable columns.

    If useNull is true, shouldn't allowNull be implictly true?

  6. Just spotted this, whilst trying to track down an issue with setBodyTop getting given the wrong value when reconfiguring.

    onReplace: function(store, startIndex, oldRecords, newRecords) {
  7. Ok, I have solved it.

    Firstly, apologies, since was our code causing the issue.
    Quite surprised no-one else does what we do though...

    We use a token authentication mechanism for making web...
  8. Hmm, interesting that is solid for you.

    Perhaps I'll try and craft a case when I have some time.
    May have to look into buffering calls or something, since making web service requests in a test...
  9. Hi,

    We've always stuck with grids that use the paging toolbar here, since when I tried infinite grids (when they first came out) it was unbelievably buggy, being breakable in literally seconds by...
  10. Believe have found another part of the puzzle.
    It's probably another issue, but related so will put here.

    Convert needs to not convert to a number, it needs to use the dateFormat.


  11. Hi,

    Trying to migrate from the old UX based filters to the new plugins.
    Having trouble getting date filters working.

    The first issue is that convertValue does not do what the function header...
  12. Yes, that what I did.
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    More of a request I think, since not sure it's possible, although hope someone can correct me.

    I use actions extensively to encapsulate operations that can be added to a grid or tree, say....
  14. I've just hit this... anyone solve it?

    I've worked around mine. I was haivng issues when trying to include the src for another application in a workspace, but the render.js was getting...
  15. No.
    You used to be able to, but it doesn' t seem to work anymore; possibly cause it's too late in the load process?

    Not looked into the reasons why, but altering .sencha\app\Boot.js works.
  16. unregisterNode : function(node, includeChildren) {
    var me = this,
    children, length, i;

    delete me.byIdMap[];
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    Quite shocked to find that the new $configPrefixed and $configStrict has no mention in the Ext 5 upgrade guide, since quite a massive change when consider existing code...

    Anyway, in the...
  18. Yes, perfect. Thanks mate.
  19. Thanks Steffen, but that seems to get overwritten when you do a build.
    I'm guessing there must be a property somewhere in the build config files...
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    onProxyLoad: function(operation) {
    var me = this,
    options = operation.initialConfig,
    successful = operation.wasSuccessful(),
    records =...
  21. Hmm, I don't think that the buildExtractors is needed, since gets done by applyProxy?

    Ext.define('', {
    override: '',

  22. Hi,

    Just doing a test migration of an app I have just migrated to 4.2, to see if I'm in a position to recommend an upgrade to 5.0.
    It's not looking good so far...

    When creating a TreeStore...
  23. Is there anyway to do this from the app config anywhere, since it's annoying?!

    I really think it should be off by default, since makes debugging a pain.
    I have extensions on my browsers to...
  24. Oh, not seeing it now... sec, will sort it out...

    Edit: Ah, it reverted to Ext 5.
    Looks like it's fine in 5 then, but there in 4.2.
  25. Here you go.

    Oddly, if I omit "name" from the data I end up with an empty string rather than null. Says to me there may be another bug with useNull and...
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